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Features Comparison: Ford Fusion vs. Dodge Dart

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Model Year 2015 2015 2015 2014 2014 2014
Model Fusion Fusion Fusion Dart Dart Dart
Trim S Hybrid S SE SE SXT Aero
Engines (show)  
2.5L I4
175 hp@6000
175 lb-ft@4500
2.0L I4 Hybrid
141 hp@6000
129 lb-ft@4000
2.0L I4
240 hp@5500
270 lb-ft@3000
1.5L I4
178 hp@6000
177 lb-ft@1500
2.0L I4
160 hp@6400
148 lb-ft@4600
2.4L I4
184 hp@6250
171 lb-ft@4800
1.4L I4
160 hp@5500
184 lb-ft@2500
Transmissions (show)  
6-speed manually-shiftable automatic    
6-speed manual      
6-speed automated manual          
Drivetrains (show)  
Tires (show)  
215/60HR16 tires      
235/50HR17 tires        
235/45VR18 tires          
235/45YR18 tires          
205/55HR16 tires      
225/45HR17 tires          
225/40HR18 tires          
Audio Systems (show)  
Unbranded, 4 speakers        
Unbranded, 6 speakers    
Alpine, 506W, 10 speakers (with subwoofer)          
Accessories (show)  
AC power outletPowers devices with a regular home electrical outlet. Limited wattage: forget about using it to power a blow drier.          
Active noise reductionCancels out interior noise by playing the opposite noise through the vehicle's speakers.          
Adaptive cruise controlAutomatically maintains set distance behind preceding vehicle as well as set speed. Minimum speed around 30 mph. Replaces regular cruise control, and includes its value.          
Cruise control    
Heated steering wheel          
Keyless entry keypadUnlock the car by entering a code on a door-mounted keypad.          
Parking guidance system - activeParks the vehicle with minimal input from the driver.          
Power front side windowsOften must be ordered with power rear side windows, if these are available.
Power locks
Power rear side windows
Proximity keyEnter and start the vehicle without removing the key from your pocket.          
Remote keyless entryUnlock and lock the car using buttons on the keyfob.
Remote startStart the car using a button on the keyfob. Interior can be a comfortable temperature as soon as you get in.      
Remote window/roof operationOperate the power windows, sunroof, and/or convertible roof using buttons on the keyfob.      
Tilt/telescoping steering wheel, manual
Universal garage door openerHomelink.          
Brakes, Airbags, and Other Safety (show)  
4-wheel disc brakesRear disc brakes.
911 assistAutomatically contacts 911 through a linked cell phone in the event of a severe collision.      
AlarmOnly listed when pricing a single model because insufficient data for all cars.    
Antilock brakes (ABS)Automatically pulse the brakes in hard stops to prevent wheels from locking up, making it possible to brake and steer at the same time.
Blind spot warning systemMirror-mounted lights indicate when another vehicle is in a blind spot.          
Brake assistWhen a panic stop is sensed, fully applies the brakes.
Driver drowsiness monitorWarns when driver is drowsy and needs to pull over.          
Electronic differential lockApplies the brakes to a slipping drive wheel to transfer torque to the other side, simulating the effect of a limited-slip differential. We haven't identified all applications, often implied by traction control.      
Forward collision alertAlerts driver when approaching the preceding car too quickly.          
Front airbagsMandatory, in all cars.
Front seat active head restraintsAutomatically move forward when the vehicle is rear-ended.      
Hill start assistApplies the brakes to hold the vehicle in place on an incline. Incomplete data, so only displayed when pricing a single vehicle.
Inflatable rear seatbeltsOutboard rear shoulder belts inflate in a collision.      
Knee airbag, driver
Knee airbag, passenger
Lane departure prevention system, steering-basedSteering lightly applied to help prevent the vehicle from inadvertently traveling out of its intended lane.          
Lane departure warning systemAlerts driver when the vehicle seems to be wandering out of the lane.          
Obstacle detection, frontBeeps signal distance to object in front of vehicle. Parking aid.          
Obstacle detection, rearBeeps signal distance to object behind vehicle. Parking aid.          
Post-crash alert systemSounds horn and flashes hazad lights if airbags or seatbelt pretensioners have been activated.      
Radar- or camera-based collision preparation systemPrepares brakes (and sometimes also seatbelts) for use when radar detects an imminent collision. Might also move seats and close windows. Early Lexus system used laser.          
Rear cross-traffic detectionWarns of traffic coming from either direction when vehicle is in reverse, to prevent accidents when backing out of parking spaces.          
Rear side airbagsTorso-level second row airbags, usually contained in the rear door. Some also protect the head, but not as well as side curtain airbags.      
Rearview cameraRearview camera connected to display screen on the instrument panel. Often requires navigation system.  
Safety keyIndividual keys can be coded to enforce specific driving restrictions, such as maximum speed and audio volume.      
Side curtain airbagsAirbags contained just above the window level. Except in cars without a rear seat usually cover first and second row.
Stability controlSelectively applies the brakes to prevent excessive understeer or oversteer (spinning).
Termporary spare tire    
Tire-pressure monitorTwo types: a warning light when a tire is low on air and a pressure readout for each tire.
Torque vectoring / active trace controlUses the brakes to channel torque to the outside wheels and counteract understeer. Similar to stability control, but proactive, and acting to improve cornering performance rather than prevent loss of control.      
Traction controlWhen a drive wheel slips, it is braked and/or engine power is reduced, restoring traction.
Trailer sway controlAutomatically applies a front brake to counteract sway induced by a trailer.      
Vehicle health reportsPeriodically uploads and emails a vehicle diagnostic check.      
Cargo Management (show)  
Cargo mat          
Cargo net      
Console with shifter
Overhead sunglass holderUsually part of an overhead console.    
Rear seat pass-throughUsually concealed behind a stowed armrest. Enables long items like skis to be carried without folding the rear seat.          
Storage compartment under front seat(s)          
Climate Control and Infotainment (show)  
A/V input jacksJacks for a video camera, game console, or other device with A/V output.          
Air conditioning
App supportTouchscreen and/or voice control over apps that can include online search, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, OpenTable, and MovieTickets.com. Requires connected compatible phone. Fees may apply after first three years.      
Audio controls on steering wheel
Automatic climate control, frontMaintains set temperature in front row. Requires air conditioning and does not include its value.        
Aux inputJack for an iPod or similar device. No value because of incomplete data. Will soon be standard on nearly every car.
Bluetooth audio streamingUses Bluetooth rather than a cable to integrate audio device. Requires compatible audio device and/or phone.
Bluetooth cell phone linkEnables hands-free communication by wirelessly connecting a cell phone to a microphone and the vehicle's stereo speakers.
CD player
Dual-zone climate controlTemperature can be separately set for left and right sides of the passenger compartment. Requires air conditioning and does not include its value.        
DVD-compatible playerAudio system capable of playing DVDs on a front-row screen. Inoperative when the vehicle is moving. No value because of incomplete data.        
In-vehicle Internet capabilityConnects car to the Internet to update systems, download information, and/or browse. Requires mobile modem and non-dedicated broadband service.          
Interior air filterFilters exterior air before it enters the passenger compartment. No default value because most cars have them, even in cases where they're not in the official list of features.
iPod integrationIntegrates an iPod with the vehicle's controls and speakers. Usually included if there is a USB port, but can also rely on a proprietary port.          
MP3-compatible playerAudio system capable of playing discs with MP3 files.
Navigation systemScreen-based navigation system.      
Navigation, turn-by-turnSimple directions displayed on rudimentary screen and/or spoken over audio system. Fee after first 3-12 months.          
Rain-sensing wipersWipers automatically turn on and adjust their speed based on input from a rain sensor.          
Rear air ventsVents at aft end of center console, in B-pillars, and/or in ceiling.          
Rear defrost
Rear heat ductsDucts under front seats direct heated air to the second row.
Satellite radioXM or Sirius. Includes a subscription for three to six months, after which monthly fees apply.          
Satellite radio - one year subscriptionXM or Sirius with one-year subscription.        
SD Card slotSD, CF, PCMCIA, or other digital media reader.      
SMS text-to-speech readerConverts text messages to speech.  
Speed-sensitive wipersOnly listed when pricing a single model because insufficient data for all cars.  
Traffic + travel informationInformation about traffic plus weather, gas prices, sports news, and/or movie times. Monthly fee after first 3-12 months.      
USB portOften permits an iPod or phone to be integrated into the vehicle's entertainment system and controls.
Variable intermittent wipersTime between wipes can be precisely adjusted.  
Voice control for audio system      
Voice control for external devicesGenerally works for some devices but not others.
Voice control for nav and audioSometimes also includes voice control over climate control system.      
Voice textingDictate and send text messages. Usually an annual fee after a short trial period.        
Wi-Fi hotspotProvides Wi-Fi within the car. Includes internal modem, usually requires car-specific broadband service with monthly fee.      
Wi-Fi hotspot capabilityProvides Wi-Fi within the car. Requires mobile modem and non-dedicated broadband service.          
Wireless charging stationWirelessly charger for phones and audio players.
Exterior (show)  
Active grille shuttersClose grille openings when not needed to reduce aerodynamic drag.      
Black exterior trim (optional)          
Bright-finished exhaust tip(s)Chrome or polished metal exhaust tip.    
Paint, special brown      
Paint, special red      
Paint, special white          
Rear spoilerCan be small lip spoiler or a larger raised spoiler.          
Underbody aerodynamic aidsUnderbody shields to improve fuel economy. (Optional, no standard value because might or might not be present on other models.)      
Instruments, Lights, and Mirrors (show)  
Auto-dimming driver-side mirrorDriver-side exterior mirror automatically dims when hit by headlights of following vehicle.          
Auto-dimming headlightsHigh beams automatically turned on and off.          
Auto-dimming passenger-side mirrorPassenger-side rearview mirror automatically dims when hit by headlights of following vehicle.          
Auto-dimming rearview mirrorInterior rearview mirror automatically dims when hit by headlights of following vehicle.    
Automatic headlightsHeadlights automatically turn on and off. Includes value of automatic-off headlights.  
Automatic-off headlightsHeadlights automatically turn off.          
CompassWe haven't given this feature a value because it's hard to tell which cars have it.          
Detailed driving style feedbackDriving style evaluated with a grade or with changes in display graphics or lighting.          
Fog lightsLight wide area close in front of the vehicle.          
Heated mirrorsClears ice and fog from mirrors.        
Illuminated visor mirror, driverIncludes value of non-illuminated vanity mirror.    
Illuminated visor mirror, passengerIncludes value of non-illuminated vanity mirror.    
Interior ambient lightingLEDs cast a soft glow over and/or highlight parts of the interior.        
Large color reconfigurable instrument cluster displayThe information displayed by the instruments can be customized. Color display(s) of at least 20 square inches.      
LED tail lights (optional)Only listed if not standard on all trims. No value because no way to compare across models.        
Map lightsFront row reading lights.
Outside temperature display    
Perimeter approach lightingArea around the vehicle is illuminated when the vehicle is remotely unlocked.      
Power mirrorsIncludes value of manual remote mirrors.
Spotter mirror(s)Auxiliary convex lens in the corner of the outside mirror that improves view of the driver's blind spot.      
TachometerReports engine speed.
Trip computerReports average fuel economy, and perhaps also instantaneous fuel economy, distance to empty, average speed, and other stats.  
Turn signals on or near mirrors          
Visor mirror, driver        
Visor mirror, passenger        
Powertrain (show)  
Automatic start / stopAutomatically cuts off the engine when the vehicle is stopped and restarts it when the driver lifts off the brake pedal. Not listed for hybrids, where it is generally part of the powertrain system.        
Engine-block heaterPlugs into electrical outlet to warm up the engine. Facilitates starting in extreme cold.      
Oil coolerOnly listed if not standard on all trims. No value because no way to compare across models.        
Steering-wheel-mounted transmission controlsPaddles or buttons that can be used to manually shift the transmission. Only listed when optional or not always included with an automatic transmission.          
Seats and Interior Trim (show)  
Front buckets  
Front sport buckets          
Second-row 3-person bench        
Second-row 2-section 3-person split bench    
All-weather floor matsAll-weather floormats.      
Center armrest(s), front row
Center armrest(s), second row        
Floor mats    
Floor mats, second row (optional)Only listed when pricing a single model because insufficient data for all cars.          
Folding second row seatsSeat folds to enlarge cargo area. Unless the seat is also removable, it usually folds flat or nearly flat.
Heated front seats        
Leather seating surfacesSeating surfaces are trimmed in leather; other upholstery tends to be leatherette.          
Leather-wrapped steering wheel        
Manual height adjuster, driver seat      
Manual height adjuster, passenger seat      
Memory system, driver seat          
Power fore-aft adjuster, driver seat          
Power fore-aft adjuster, passenger seat          
Power height adjuster, driver seat      
Power height adjuster, passenger seat          
Power lumbar adjuster, driver seatPower-adjustable lower back support.          
Power lumbar adjuster, passenger seatPower-adjustable lower back support.          
Power recliner, driver seat          
Power recliner, passenger seat          
Power tilt adjuster, driver seatPower tilting seat cushion; can take the form of a second height adjustment.          
Power tilt adjuster, passenger seatPower tilting seat cushion; can take the form of a second height adjustment.          
Special interior trimOnly listed if not standard on all trims. No value because no way to compare across models.          
Upgraded floor mats          
Suspension, Wheels, and Tires (show)  
Alloy wheels    
Alloy wheels, optional designSame value as regular alloy wheels because no way to compare across models.          
Machined alloy wheelsOuter surface of alloy wheels machines to yield a bright finish. Replace and include value of reqular alloy wheels.          
Summer tires (optional)Only listed if not standard on all trims. No value because no way to compare across models.          
Touring suspension (upgrade)Less firm than a sport suspension. Only listed if an option or not standard on all trims.          

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Option Package Contents

Driver Assist Package

Rain-sensing wipers
AC power outlet
Auto-dimming headlights
Lane departure warning system
Blind spot warning system
Rear cross-traffic detection
Driver drowsiness monitor
Lane departure prevention system, steering-based

MyFord Touch w/SYNC

A/V input jacks
SD Card slot
In-vehicle Internet capability
Wi-Fi hotspot capability

MyFord Touch Technology Package

Automatic climate control, front
Dual-zone climate control
Large color reconfigurable instrument cluster display

Appearance Package

Rear spoiler

Luxury Package

Leather seating surfaces
Heated front seats
Auto-dimming rearview mirror
Fog lights
Memory system, driver seat
Leather-wrapped steering wheel
Auto-dimming driver-side mirror
Auto-dimming passenger-side mirror

Terracotta or Red Package

Power lumbar adjuster, passenger seat
Special interior trim
Upgraded floor mats
Front sport buckets

Terracotta or Red Package

Machined alloy wheels

Uconnect Voice Command

Auto-dimming rearview mirror
Bluetooth cell phone link
Voice control for external devices
Bluetooth audio streaming
Bluetooth audio streaming

Convenience Group

Underbody aerodynamic aids
Active grille shutters

Sun/Sound Group

Alpine, 506W, 10 speakers (with subwoofer)

Uconnect Touch 8.4

Rearview camera
DVD-compatible player
Interior ambient lighting
iPod integration
SMS text-to-speech reader
USB port
SD Card slot
Voice texting

Uconnect Touch 8.4N

Navigation system
Voice control for nav and audio
Traffic + travel information

Rallye Group

Touring suspension (upgrade)
Bright-finished exhaust tip(s)
Underbody aerodynamic aids
Active grille shutters
Black exterior trim (optional)

Uconnect Touch 8.4N

Navigation system
Voice control for nav and audio
Traffic + travel information

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