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2003 Honda Accord Transmission Problems

2003 Honda Accord transmission Problems 2003 Honda Accord transmission Problems

334 TrueDelta members own (or used to own) a 2003 Honda Accord. 30 of these members (9%) have reported transmission repairs for their car. A total of 41 transmission repairs to 2003 Honda Accords--an average of 0.1 per vehicle--have been reported.

See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently 2003 Honda Accord problems occur, check out our car reliability stats.

Percentage of 2003 Honda Accord repairs by problem area

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Chart based on 410 repairs.

2003 Honda Accord transmission repair cost distribution

Chart based on 51 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2003 Honda Accord

Engine not specified

69440 mi C $2020 Dripping tranny liquid as a result of diff bearing worn. Main case worn at diff bearings. 

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2003 Honda Accord 4dr Sedan

240-horsepower 3.0L V6 5-speed automatic FWD

86000 mi   Another transmission problem, this time a seeping transmission seal identifed during oil change. Part not in stock so had to return a week later to have it installed - took 2.5 hours and would have cost $250 without extended warranty. Wear of rubber "boots" on trasnmission seals. Normally would have cost about $250-$300 to repair, but $800 extended warranty orginally purchased covered it. Total repairs under extended warranty add up to $1200, which makes it worth it for this car. 
69000   Transmission failure right after taking used car delivery at First Texas Honda in Austin Texas. Apparent that prev single owner traded car for new Accord when the transmission began to fail. Did not notice it until after I drove it off the lot. 
105000 US $198 Automatic transmission began shifting erratically. Took car to dealer for diagnosis. Dealer checked line pressures and computer codes, and recommended transmission replacement! 
84000 US $1590 Transmission Failure 
99000 US $900 Transmission would only operate in one 'gear' 
143000   PCM throwing error 
175000 US $2500 This was the third transmission put in vehicle. First was replaced at 60,000. Second replaced at 165,000. 

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2003 Honda Accord 2dr Coupe

240-horsepower 3.0L V6 5-speed automatic FWD

48000 mi US $400 Transmission failure at 47,500, and changed the drivers side upper ball joint. The tranny was changed under the extended warranty I purchased with the car. 
102000 US $2800 Transmission needed to be overhauled due to flair in 2nd and 3rd gear caused by manufacturer defect in the transmission causing decreased life 

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2003 Honda Accord 2dr Coupe

160-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed manual FWD

141360 mi C $400 Vibration between 80 and 100 km/hr. Replaced axles with new ones from and the issue disappeared. No boots were ripped, they had simply worn out. 

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