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Infiniti G repairs by problem area

Engine (23%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (7%)

Brakes and Traction Control (13%)

Suspension and Steering (12%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (24%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (14%)

Other (6%)

Chart based on 2304 repairs.

Infiniti G engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (6%)

$1000 - $2499 (13%)

$500 - $999 (22%)

$100 - $499 (47%)

< $100 (11%)

Chart based on 314 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2008 Infiniti G 2dr Coupe

330-horsepower 3.7L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic RWD

5000 mi Exhaust rattle. New muffler ordered. Scheduled to be repaired Friday 01/03/2008. 

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2007 Infiniti G 4dr Sedan

306-horsepower 3.5L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic RWD

12000 mi TSB for Silicone in Heater core causing ticking noise inside the dash They had to redo the silicone because they missed some. 
51000 mi check Engine light, engine sensors failed. Car died and needed to be towed and resulted in dead battery. 
7000 mi Cruise Control Surge Repair 

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2007 Infiniti G 4-door

6-cylinder manual 2WD

18000 mi Alternator Bearing was bad 

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2007 Infiniti G 4-door

4-cylinder automatic AWD

12000 mi Slight hesitation with engine and/or transmission at low RPMs. Mechanics could not recreate problem. 

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2006 Infiniti G 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

24000 mi temp sensor was not working and on previous service a part was ordered which was not installed until this trip. 

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2005 Infiniti G 4dr Sedan

298-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed manual RWD

26000 mi Vehicle would not rev above 2200rpm, no code present. Dealer could not replicate. 

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2004 Infiniti G 2-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

46000 mi Throttle body went bad. New one installed under factory warranty. 

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2003 Infiniti G 4dr Sedan

260-horsepower 3.5L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic RWD

96000 mi

US $360
Electronic Fuel Throttle required replacement. 
125000 mi

US $275
Check engine triggered visit to dealer for diagnosis. Diagnosis at dealer revealed thermostat failure. Replaced thermostat at dealer. 
127000 mi

US $1000
Camshaft Position Sensors 

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2003 Infiniti G 2dr Coupe

280-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed manual RWD

51000 mi Throttle position sensor and throttle body were replaced. 

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Infiniti G Engine Problems

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