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2003 Jeep Liberty Repair Histories

79 TrueDelta members own (or used to own) a 2003 Jeep Liberty. 25 of these members (31.6%) have reported repairs for their car. A total of 71 repairs to 2003 Jeep Libertys--an average of 0.9 per vehicle--have been reported.

See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently 2003 Jeep Liberty problems occur, check out our car reliability stats.

Chart based on 71 repairs.

2003 Jeep Liberty repair cost distribution

Chart based on 30 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2003 Jeep Liberty

Engine not specified

Jeep Liberty in Illinois, United States
Dec 2009 - Jun 2011
110000 mi   headlight went out. replaced it. 

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2003 Jeep Liberty 4dr SUV

210-horsepower 3.7L V6 4-speed automatic 4WD, part-time w/low range

Jeep Liberty in Oregon, United States
Nov 2009 - Jun 2012
75700 mi US $200 Ignition switch replacement. 
80000   Air conditioner compresser replacement, including replacing fan belt that broke from frozen compressor. 
86000   Replaced rear driver side window regulator due to plastic part which broke for no apparent reason. (Window slid down and would not close.) This part is already obsolete and I had purchase reconditioned.  
Jeep Liberty in Illinois, United States
Nov 2010 - Jul 2011
85000 mi US $100 Replaced drivers front window motor 
85000   Rear axle shaft leaking. Seal on both sides of rear axle replaced 
Jeep Liberty in Puerto Rico
Feb 2011 - Oct 2014
69000 mi   Lower ball joint replaced - recall. Had nearly split apart. 
76000 US $1600 check engine p1371 and p455 Back window - right side - power window - failed to operate - glass was down. 
88000   changed the front struts/coil springs 
90000   Replaced back suspension springs. Also replaced bumper stop. Engine Problem code P0422, P0455. Replaced litle connection in the Evaporative canister , that was leaking. 
Jeep Liberty in Ohio, United States
Jul 2003 - Mar 2012
3000 mi   leak from the pinion gear on rear differential and transfer case. 
59000 US $10 evap systems leak. replaced fuel vapor hose to charcol canister. 
107000   the resistor for the interior fan controls were failing. fan speed 1 stopped working, then 2 weeks later speed 2 stopped. very simple repair to replace resistor. 
108000   as car was being driven, RPMs jumped and engine stalled. shop concluded faulty Idle air control valve first time. same problem a week later and was the crank position sensor. my guess is wrong part replaced the first time. 
109000   stalling problem persisted. now cam sensor replaced along with some vacuum hoses. problem has not reoccurred since. (knocks on wood) 
115000   bearing inside the AC compressor went. compressor and dryer were both replaced along with all the o-rings as a preventative measure.  
123000   Emissions eval leak. Some leaks repaired but apparently there were more. 
125000   Replaced all vacuum lines and new gas cap installed. No more evaporative leaks. 
Jeep Liberty in Ontario, Canada
Sep 2005 - Jun 2011
84940 mi   I bought this SUV, in 2005, Shortly after purchasing it we noticed a noise on cold startup which turned out to be a power steering pump, issue covered by dealer, replaced starter, radio speakers, waterpump and PS pump, all on their dime. 
136400 C $985 Front Axle shaft replacement, goes from the transfer case to the front differential, for the 4wd. These AREN'T readily available from Chrysler with a minimum 8 week backlog, usually last only 100 000km. Bought 1 custom fabricated for $150 less than Cryslr 
134800   The driveshaft (CV type) between the transfer case and the front differential wore out. This usually happens at 100000 km, Chrysler couldn't supply the part, had to go to aftermarket custom made part, which ended up being cheaper and heavier duty. 
Jeep Liberty in Delaware, United States
Jul 2009 - Jun 2013
80000 mi US $80 Fan for air conditioner and heat not working propertly. Friend fixed for $80. 
93000   The Jeep would not go into 4 wheel drive without a grinding noise. Can ran fine otherwise. The 4WD mechanism did not work. 
109000   Air conditioning problem. 
113000   The torque converter on the Jeep had to be repaired and the transmission rebuilt. 
Jeep Liberty in Manitoba, Canada
Jun 2009 - Mar 2010
78740 mi C $1600 Had to swap out motor. Solenoid pack for the transmission 

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2003 Jeep Liberty 4dr SUV

210-horsepower 3.7L V6 4-speed automatic 4WD w/low range

Jeep Liberty in Minnesota, United States
Jul 2009 - Jun 2011
113000 mi US $300 oxygen sensor replacement 
Jeep Liberty in Washington, United States
Jul 2009 - Sep 2014
82000 mi   Vehicle makes a rattling sound when shifting into gear when it is cold. After acceleration, sound stops. After car is warmed up, sound usually stops. 
84000 US $480 S-belt tensioner pulley replaced 
91000   Clinking noise when put in gear at cold temperatures. Shop tried replacing compressor, said it was fixed but it was not. Brought car back, shop replaced alternator, again said it was fixed but it still makes noise when cold. 
115000   Check Engine Light - Cam position sensor 
116000   Check Engine light - needed catalytic converter 
134700   On a really hot day, sat in Jeep with A/C on for long time, then when driving down the road Jeep died suddenly like it ran out of gas. Towed to shop, diagnosed as bad alternator. New alternator and now runs like new. 

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