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2003 Kia Sorento repairs by problem area

Engine (40%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (21%)

Brakes and Traction Control (2%)

Suspension and Steering (16%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (16%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (3%)

Other (1%)

Chart based on 91 repairs.

2003 Kia Sorento repair cost distribution

$2500+ (3%)

$1000 - $2499 (9%)

$500 - $999 (35%)

$100 - $499 (53%)

< $100 (0%)

Chart based on 34 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2003 Kia Sorento

Engine not specified

Kia Sorento in Texas, United States
May 2009 - Mar 2010
Jun 2009

71000 mi

US $550
Headliner was coming down and a new one had to be ordered for replacement. 

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2003 Kia Sorento 4dr SUV

192-horsepower 3.5L V6 4-speed automatic AWD w/low range

Kia Sorento in Illinois, United States
May 2009 - Mar 2010
Jun 2009

74000 mi

US $330
Two exhaust hangers rusted off, and the additional weight of the exhaust system on both (there are two on this vehicle) flex tubes caused them to flex and rust apart. Saved close to 1K over having the dealer replace parts, by reusing good components! 
Kia Sorento in British Columbia, Canada
Jul 2009 - Feb 2010
Dec 2009

91140 mi

C $330
Check engine light came on - Diagnosed as a faulty throttle position sensor. No after market parts available so a new one was ordered from Kia. Part arrived four days later and was quickly installed. Problem solved. 
Jan 2010

91140 mi

C $300
Sorento stalled in an intersection and would not start - had towed to favourite mechanic - said it was possibly fuel pump but didn't want to replace parts without being sure and since it was running so well at the time, decided to trade for a new one. 
Kia Sorento in Pennsylvania, United States
Apr 2009 - Sep 2011
May 2009

63000 mi
Over drive off switch failed. Was not properly repaired. 
Jun 2009

65000 mi

US $140
Over drive switch replaced. 
Aug 2009

67500 mi

US $100
Recharge air conditioning. 
Kia Sorento in Virginia, United States
Feb 2009 - Jan 2015
Mar 2009

115000 mi
didnt repair due to cost, needed new front transfer case, part $3200 plus labor, also needed a coolant connector replace, labor 5 hours, again didnt repair due to cost, vehicle donated 
Sep 2009

115000 mi

US $1500
front differential rebuilt, two new tires and battery required to pass state inspection 
Aug 2013

205500 mi

US $450
Replacement right rear wheel bearing and hub. 
Mar 2014

230000 mi

US $150
Exhaust system repair 
Jan 2015

262000 mi
Front differential no longer engaging. Needed a new A/C compressor. 
Kia Sorento in Pennsylvania, United States
Feb 2006 - Mar 2012
May 2006

35000 mi

US $450
Aftermarket shocks and struts fitted OME (Australia) brand. Much better ride and handling after they were fitted - recommended 
Feb 2009

61000 mi

US $770
timing belt replacement, front differential serviced - shudder from front end when turning. front brakes replaced and rotors surfaced 
Mar 2009

31000 mi

US $1550
Front axle (AWD)bind up when cornering. Axle lubed - seemed to fix problem. 60K service performed at same time also new timing belt.2 weeks after the visit noticed they had drained the AC (both caps missing) - $200 to refill AC - I'm pissed with dealer. 
Jun 2009

62000 mi

US $320
Both headlights have badly darkened lenses purchased new headlights with clear lenses 
Jul 2009

63000 mi

US $290
Replaced both headlights because the headlight lenses had fogged badly. UV maybe? New headlights make the car see better at night and improve the look of the vehicle to like new. 
Nov 2009

66000 mi

US $18
fluid burning smell a month ago - cold weather onset. No visible leaks, found Power steering reservoir was very low. Added Lucas leak sealer fluid. Keeping an eye on the situation. won't go back to Kia dealer as they were incompetent on last repair 
Jun 2011

78000 mi

US $125
Power steering system was leaking badly - had to fill the reservoir every day. Mechanic found the low pressure return hose was leaking and replaced it. 
Oct 2011

78000 mi

US $740
Power steering hose developed a leak again after a couple months. Dealer replaced hoses and refilled power steering system. Steering wheel now crooked - not level when driving straight - and loose. 
Mar 2012

81000 mi
Leaking again - dealer unable to fix the probelm - traded the car for a 2012 Sportage 
Kia Sorento in Ontario, Canada
May 2009 - Jan 2013
Jun 2009

85560 mi

C $2700
Transfer case went bad, i have the TOD 4x4 and it would not come out of 4x4 so they removed front driveshaft because repair would have been $4,500. Found used transfer case for $2000 plus $700 labour 
Dec 2009

90520 mi

C $300
had to replace stabalizer arms front and rear. 
Sep 2010

96100 mi

C $500
had to replace upper ball joints, left wheel hub assembly, outer tie rod ends. 
Mar 2011

97340 mi

C $450
Crank sensor went and left me stranded 
Nov 2011

108500 mi

C $220
Blower Transistor resistor, fans would not turn off. 

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2003 Kia Sorento 4dr SUV

192-horsepower 3.5L V6 4-speed automatic 4WD, part-time w/low range

Kia Sorento in Colorado, United States
Apr 2005 - Jun 2013
Jul 2005

35000 mi
Warranty replacement of front differential. Symptom was small oil leak and hot oil odor from oil hitting exhaust pipe. Could not get info about cause or frequency of this problem from dealer. Have since reached over 88K miles with no other problems. 
May 2006

48400 mi
Warranty replacement of gas cap. Symptom: Check Engine light came on after brief engine stumble. Next morning it ran very roughly then normally after a restart. Code scan indicated a small emissions system problem. Dealer said tighten gas cap correctly. 
Jun 2009

100000 mi

US $110
All brake pads replaced due to normal wear. 
Feb 2010

110000 mi

US $130
Code indicating emission problem for sensors Bank 1 & 2. Owner decided Catalytic Converter needed replacement.  Head light bulbs also replaced 
Jun 2013

144000 mi
Airbag warning light on. No diagnosis, no repair. 
Kia Sorento in Ontario, Canada
Feb 2009 - Apr 2013
Mar 2009

75020 mi

C $35
Low beams burn out at least every 3-4 months replaced wiring with one that was stated in a TSB- so far so good. 
Sep 2011

93000 mi

C $800
plastic heater hose section broke exhast hanger rusted and caused the y pipe to flex and crack - replaced 
Dec 2011

93000 mi

C $600
Change plugs change out 1 coil rad flush 

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2003 Kia Sorento 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 4WD

Kia Sorento in California, United States
Apr 2010 - Jun 2011
Jun 2010

87000 mi

US $550
Turned ignition key off, pulled out key, car continued running. Had to pull main fuse and battery to turn car off.  

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