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2009 Mazda Mazda6 repairs by problem area

Engine (16%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (9%)

Brakes and Traction Control (13%)

Suspension and Steering (5%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (27%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (19%)

Other (11%)

Chart based on 169 repairs.

2009 Mazda Mazda6 repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (2%)

$500 - $999 (7%)

$100 - $499 (71%)

< $100 (20%)

Chart based on 45 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2009 Mazda Mazda6 4dr Sedan

272-horsepower 3.7L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Mazda Mazda6 in Texas, United States
Sep 2008 - Feb 2009
Oct 2008

4000 mi
Destination point on nav is always off from the actual place, typically off by a few house #. 
Mazda Mazda6 in Maryland, United States
May 2009 - Sep 2015
Jul 2009

8000 mi
Apparently there is a TSB for a purge valve? My car sounded like a diesel from when I took delivery of it, more so from outside the car when idling. Loud tapping/knocking sound. Parts dept diagnosed it as a purge valve. To be replaced under warranty. 
Aug 2009

9000 mi
Excessive noise at idle, diagnosed as a purge valve, parts were ordered and took 4 weeks to arrive, dealer installed/replaced parts, problem solved. Foam seal at base of windshield where meets dashpad was coming out. Apparently the adhesive failed and foam seal shifted and was bunching up. Dealer had factory rep inspect car and authorize a fix. Parts ordered, arrived next day and installed. 
Jan 2010

15000 mi
Once car is warmed up I have an erratic idle. Dealer checked fuel pressure and fuel maps and cleaned throttle body. Sent me home. Problem resurfaced next day. 
Feb 2010

15600 mi
Car returned for erratic idle. Dealer checked fuel pressure, replaced fuel pump relay, replaced throttle body, replaced alternator, reset fuel trims and replaced the powertrain control module. Idle is fixed and now rock steady. 
Feb 2011

29000 mi
while in for routine maintenance (oil change, brakes) technician noticed a small transmission leak - fixed with a new O ring seal. 
Mar 2011

30000 mi
Dealer replaced front strut "tops" to cure a knocking sound when going over bumps. They indicated that Mazda had a revised part to solve an apparent problem. 
Jun 2011

35000 mi
Same problem as I had earlier...the foam rubber seal at the base of the windshield/dashpad seems to unglue and begin pushing up to where it is visible. Dealer affected the same repair as before, replacing seal. 
Sep 2015

93000 mi

US $1200
Air would intermittantly blow hot. Replaced radiator and tstat. Didnt repair...replaced fan module. 
Mazda Mazda6 in Illinois, United States
Apr 2009 - Sep 2015
Jun 2009

1000 mi
The rear seat material wasn't properly attached. Problem easily fixed by the dealer. 
Jul 2009

2100 mi
Rear left side door needed adjustment. It was sticking out about 1/8" (3mm) compared to the rest of the body. Easily adjusted by the dealer. 
Sep 2010

20000 mi
Defective Power Outlets. power adapters can get stuck. Power Outlets are to be replaced with an updated design. 
Sep 2015

71000 mi

US $20
Rear left/driver side exhaust bolts sheared off. Muffler and pipes are fine. Bolts needed to be removed and replaced. Maybe due to salt thaw of the midwest. 

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2009 Mazda Mazda6 4dr Sedan

170-horsepower 2.5L I4 6-speed manual FWD

Mazda Mazda6 in Nova Scotia, Canada
Mar 2009 - Mar 2010
Jul 2009

9920 mi

C $47
Right front bumper cover clip failed - as temperature rose, it would "pop out" from under the headlight. 
Sep 2009

13020 mi
Steering 'clunk'-greased spline. 
Mazda Mazda6 in Maine, United States
Sep 2009 - Sep 2015
Oct 2009

1000 mi
At delivery, paint defect noted on hood by dealer & me. bought car out of state, advised to take to local dealer. Local dealer took photos & called back same day to inform me that I had to take back to selling dealer so I called mazda - waiting reply 
Nov 2009

100 mi
Hesitation/hiccup happen when driving in any gear/speed but most prominent when under very light throttle or at initial throttle when coasting. ECU was reflashed but issue still occurs. Mazda working with other owners to diagnois & find repair. 
Apr 2010

5000 mi
brought car in again for hesitation/misfire issue. Mazda put data recorder on it, but claims that engine performing as designed. Possibily proceeding with lemon law claim as car appears to have design defect.  
Jul 2010

8000 mi
CV joint/half shaft failure. covered under warranty 7500 miles on car. No mods - all work done @ dealer CV joint repair- after dealer confirmed issue, part order, arrived but was defective so 2nd replacement part ordered and 10 days after diagnosis repair made under warranty 
Nov 2013

44000 mi
Door lock screws came loose, mazda issued recall 
Dec 2014

58000 mi

US $275
Car had been making unusual noise going over bumps, had been in once before but unable to diagnosis. Ride w/tech & inspection confirmed end links 
Mazda Mazda6 in North Carolina, United States
Mar 2009 - May 2015
Apr 2009

2000 mi
Loose wire on one of the front wheel speed sensor harnesses. This caused the ABS, Traction Control, Stability Control and Cruise Control lights to come on / functions to not work. 
Aug 2010

27000 mi
Lumbar support on driver seat not working. Mechanism separated from the adjustment handle. 

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2009 Mazda Mazda6 4dr Sedan

170-horsepower 2.5L I4 5-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Mazda Mazda6 in Ontario, Canada
Jun 2009 - Sep 2015
Aug 2009

3720 mi

C $50
car hesitating, needed computer update front fender (plastic) was out of line 
Apr 2010

8060 mi
plastic fender around right front wheel popped out of alignment again, same as previous problem. 
Sep 2010

10540 mi
transmission chip reflash, car shifts more smoothly now; recall Front passenger side fender coming loose at joint near front headlight. Told to take to a body shop as cause is likely a broken clip inside. Dealer pushed panel smooth but warned it would likely pop out again until I have the clip replaced. 
Dec 2011

19840 mi

C $75
Headlight bulb on driver's side out. The manual says not to try and replace it yourself, then gives directions on how to do so, so I tried it. Don't. You must remove the wheel to access the bulb via wheelwell. Ridiculous design. 
Feb 2012

22940 mi

C $309
Remote wore out, needed replacing. Dealer said it was just batteries, charged me 22 for labor to replace batteries, one remote still didn't work, replaced under warranty. Now the key falls off the remote. 
Dec 2012

28520 mi

C $100
Mazda exhaust system! A 5o cent bolt holding together a gasket connecting muffler to exhaust system broke. Dealer charged one hour labour because they had to punch out old bolt. One hour labour to replace hibeam/daylight running lights. When one burns out, neither side works. 
Jan 2013

29120 mi

C $70
passenger side headlight bulb, half hour labour to replace since they have to remove the wheel to access the bulb 
Apr 2013

31580 mi

C $100
Now the other side daylight/high beam bulb burns out, another hour of labor. 
May 2013

32860 mi

C $20
self serve. Had to remove Washer fluid reservoir to replace bulb. 
May 2014

41540 mi

C $100
Same old problem, driver's side headlight bulb replacement, one hour labour. 
Mazda Mazda6 in Saskatchewan, Canada
Feb 2009 - Jan 2012
Jun 2009

2480 mi
AC is blowing hot air intermittently. I took to shop while problem was occurring, but dealer could not replicate once car was in shop. It is occurring 1/15 times I drive the car. Waiting for problem to occur more frequently before taking back to dealer 
Apr 2010

9300 mi
AC blows hot air if not on the lowest temp (15*). If set to 15.5 or hotter AC blows hot air. This only happens when using straight AC, if using auto climate the AC does not blow hot air regardless of what the temp is set to. Dealership created TSB 
May 2010

9300 mi
Engine light on. Part related to emissions control replaced. Engine light is off now. 
Dec 2011

24800 mi
AC only works when temp is set to lowest temp (15*) otherwise blows hot air. Heater always blows at the hottest temp (32*) regardless of what temp is set to. A/C compressor was ordered.  Returned to have AC compressor installed. Did not fix problem. Dealer ordered entire HVAC control unit. Will bring back to dealer when part arrives. 
Jan 2012

24800 mi
AC only works when temp is set to lowest temp (15*) otherwise blows hot air. Heater always blows at the hottest temp (32*) regardless of what temp is set to. Replaced A/C & Heat control unit. Problem not resolved. 
Mazda Mazda6 in Massachusetts, United States
Oct 2008 - Sep 2015
Jan 2009

9000 mi

US $40
HID right headlight gives off yellow (incandecscent)color while left side gives off white (flourescent) color. Service manager stated that there IS NO problem. "There was road salt on the lense". I will revisit this with the dealer. 
Feb 2009

10000 mi
Also build problem found. One Xenon headlight assembly and one halogen headlight assembly installed in car. Mazda promises to correct. 
Mar 2009

11000 mi
Replaced halogen headlight assembly with xenon headlight assembly (build problem) 
Feb 2010

26000 mi
Sound from stereo would not come on for the first few minutes of driving and then kick in normally. Radio was replaced (did not fix problem). Amp was ordered and replaced at a subsequent visit. Problem resolved New Bose amp installed to solve sound issue. Problem resolved 
Oct 2010

39700 mi
Low tire warning light (TPMS) light came on. Problem was tip of valve stem (driver side rear) fell off and needed to be replaced. Extended warranted (GE Cap) honored repair that would have been approx $150 out of pocket. 1 hr in shop. 
Jun 2011

51000 mi
Steering wheel volume control malfunction.rnVolume up changes channel:volume down raises volume.rnProblem is intermitent but more prevalent now. Part replaced under extended warranty coverage. Works fine. Time in shop 4 hrs. 
Mar 2012

68000 mi
non specific rattling sound coming from right rear door area at highway speeds 60mph + 
Nov 2012

77000 mi

US $350
muffler sounded loud. There was a loose part that had to be replaced not the muffler or pipes...i.e clamps/bolts brake pads replaced 
Apr 2013

84300 mi

US $86
Rattle coming from under the car during acceleration. Determined to be rotted heat shield. This part was determined to be non essential and the part was removed and disposed of. 
Jul 2013

88000 mi
Rust appearing bottom drivers side door (inside) where metal is folded and attached (welded?). I am awaiting an answer from my local Mazda dealer on warranty status on this issue. No specific rattle under the rear passenger area of the car persists 
Aug 2013

89000 mi

US $50
Rattle eminating from under the rt.rear pass quadrant of the car for about 20k miles at highway speeds (65-80mph+) Tech took the car for a couple of days and isolated the problem as loose rivet/fasteners. Problem solved.Very quiet ride now! Stripped and sanded the rust from the door bottom. Primed and painted the rusted area. I expect I will have to re-visit periodically. AC blower output and air quality deminished. Decided to replace the cabin air filter. Very easy repair . The filter was entirely full of "junk". Noticed immediate improvement of volume and quality of air flow. Rock Auto $21 inc shipping 
Jun 2014

102000 mi

US $180
tire stem blew . needed to replace TPMS stem and valve for right front tire. Tire OK 
Mazda Mazda6 in California, United States
Nov 2008 - Sep 2015
Jun 2009

15000 mi
Parking brake knob broke off. Brake works fine. 
Jan 2011

51000 mi

US $70
Front headlight low beam bulb replaced. 
Dec 2012

97000 mi

US $70
Headlight Bulb Replacement 

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