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2008 Saturn Outlook repairs by problem area

Engine (17%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (10%)

Brakes and Traction Control (7%)

Suspension and Steering (21%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (26%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (13%)

Other (7%)

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Chart based on 340 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2008 Saturn Outlook.

2008 Saturn Outlook electrical repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (11%)

$500 - $999 (18%)

$100 - $499 (39%)

< $100 (32%)

Chart based on 28 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2008 Saturn Outlook

Engine not specified

59000 mi

US $40
replaced low beam filaments on both sides...one had gone out 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

275-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

58000 mi

US $1
Dealer replaced RH headlamp harness, low beam headlamp was out, took it apart and found melted/burned wires in harness. 
80000 mi

US $100
Instrument cluster gauges all died, all other lights, information center still functional, tech found grounded low speed GMLAN (dark green wire), but wire with short circuit not located, fault disappeared and has not returned in 30 days. 
86000 mi Air bag sensor warning light would periodically illuminate. It would go out for long periods, then come back. Finally tied warning sensor with drivers seat position, up or down, no problem forward and back. Disconnect reconn conn under seat 
101000 mi

US $154
Replaced 3 out of 4 door mounted speakers, one LF was intermittent, two were open cicuited, RR speaker still OK 
11942 mi 1/Dead battery after sitting idle for 3 days -- battery replaced by dealer; 2/ after parked on a slope for 10 hours, gas gauge reading was inaccurate - will update if it happens again 
44000 mi Air conditioning whine at low speed (1900 rpm) since new. Saturn dealer failed to identify TSB. I brought this to the attention of Chevy dealer who is applying TSB. 
44000 mi Air conditioning whine at low speed (1900 rpm) since new. Dealer replaced suction hose as per TSB and problem is resolved. 
24700 mi A/C stopped working. Vent tube was clogged, control module burned out. Tube cleaned, module replaced, ventilation system cleaned out with anti mold treatment. 
33000 mi

US $907
Door speakers on driver's side (both front and rear side door) were inoperative. 
34000 mi

US $531
Auto rear gate ceased to operate and would not latch closed when manually lowered. 
42300 mi

US $190
Hissing sound coming from dash. Wasn't cooling very much. System needed 2 lbs of freon added. Bringing back for a leak check this week. 
69000 mi

US $1200
ABS and traction control lights began flashing on dash then car went into battery saving mode. A/C shut down. Gradually became harder to drive and then would not restart after stopping. 
8000 mi Airbag light was on all the time.Driver side sensor had a pinched wire. 
15000 mi Drivers airbag light on. Pinched wire under seat. Second repair to wire. 
32000 mi Airbag light on. New harness installed under recall. 
56000 mi

US $995
Drivers headlight intermittent. Replaced both bulbs. Lower portion of gauges not lighting. Gauge cluster has LED's and is sealed. Needed to replace whole cluster. TPMS not working. Unable to read tire pressures. 
57700 mi

US $40
Replaced headlight harness. Connector started to melt. Motor for folding drivers side mirror stopped working. Replaced entire mirror 
106000 mi

US $438
Replaced original battery in June 2014. Not bad. However this month the starter quit on me. Towed to the dealer. Starter was replaced the same day. The 438 above does not include 75 tow charge. 
9000 mi Needed to have the DVD player replaced as DVD's would not play and would not eject form player until the head cooled off. 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

275-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

14000 mi XM receiver signal dropouts, excessive touch sensitive screen finger pressure required, day/night display switching erratic, radio played music while turned off. 
64500 mi

US $16
tire pressure sensor 
191000 mi

US $30
Right rear window switch went out on the car. Rolled window down into the door but would not roll it back up. 
206000 mi

US $100
Window switches on driver's front and passenger rear went bad. 
26000 mi

US $20
Driver window often does not respond to up or down switch. 
31000 mi Tachometer backlight. Pulled cluster, checked connections, bulb. Had to order part (new cluster?) 
47740 mi

C $1500
Rear left window not working anymore. Radio won't work when ice on the car. 
67760 mi

C $55
Tailgate touch pad broken again. This is the third touch pad. 
119000 mi

US $334
Check airbag light coming on 
13000 mi Exterior temperature sensor not working. 
15000 mi Dealer replaced exterior temperature sensor and remounted it in a different location as per TSB. Turn signal switch not working properly. Dealer checked and agreed. Ordered part. 
17000 mi Dealer replaced faulty turn signal switch. 
42000 mi Improperly working blower motor and noise. Dealer replaced blower motor. 
61000 mi

US $90
Had AC checked. Didn't seem cold. Dealer recharged system and added dye. 
85000 mi

US $500
System was low on charge. Leak test dye added. No leak found. 
4000 mi Nav system shows "Map DVD Read Error" 3 out of 5 starts. Service cleaned disc and system worked for service manager so "NOT a problem". System failed upon next start. Will return to dealer in 700mi to combine trips. 
5000 mi Nav system faild, radio/Nav replaced 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

270-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

38000 mi Found blown fuse to remedy no DRL 
79000 mi

US $50
Replaced blower motor 
77000 mi Battery draining, not certain if alternator shot or on way out, replaced it, trying to test old one. Changed plugs and serpentine belt as well plugs really fouled used AC Delco iridiums as replacements. 
78000 mi Front speakers bad, replaced with speakers from a Toyota Camry I had 
41000 mi Recall Repaired incorrectly by Buick Dealer. Chevy Dealer repaired properly. 
56000 mi

US $300
Motor went out in the passanger side front door. A week after repair, stopped working again. Had to run a new wire. 
64000 mi Passenger window not working again. No repair yet. 
68700 mi Wiring for power windows broken in the boots between the door and vehicle. windows not working. water inside drivers side passenger door. no sun roof. not sure how water got in there. 
72000 mi

US $235
Replaced a part due to air conditioner blowing hot air. Fan was also running funny. 
34060 mi Passenger air bag sensor was not consistently detecting Adult passengers in passenger seat. Dealer diagnosed and found problem with airbag seat sensor. Sensor on order. 
42160 mi

C $337
Headlight harness recall. The headlight had gone out for a second time, the recall was very timely. 
104780 mi

C $1061
Vehicle started making high pitch whine with electrical burning smell. BATTERY SAVER ACTIVE message came on.rnrnDiagnosed as Alternator internal fault. Generator (Alternator) replaced. 
110360 mi

C $100
Remote unlock on one remote no longer functioning. Button had worn out - remote replaced and new remote paired to vehicle. 
114080 mi

C $200
Radio and reminder chimes started getting progressively fainter until it was determined 4 of the 6 speakers in the vehicle were no longer working. The 4 in-door speakers were replaced which restored audio to normal functioning. 
126480 mi

C $260
Front windshield washer not spraying washer fluid. Pump bad, replaced pump. AC Blowing hot air. Recharged AC System. AC would intermittently blow cold air, but unpredictably and unreliably. HVAC blend actuators found to be bad - replaced actuators. 
17000 mi Headlight needed changing. Was told bumper had to come off in order to replace bulb. Dealer replaced bulb and inside where the bulb goes. 
42000 mi Headlights keep going out. No warranty anymore. Looked online, many have this same issue. Hopefully Saturn issues a recall. 
45000 mi Headlight melted on the inside. At first they told me I would have to pay, but I fought it and they paid and repaired at no charge. 
70000 mi airbag light on and off intermittently. 
13000 mi Rear air conditioning only blew out hot air. Tech confirmed problem, and ordered a new thermal expansion valve. Repaired rear air conditioning problem - replaced thermal expansion valve. Works OK now. 
1000 mi Turn signal indicator audio clicking noise was louder than it should have been when the vehicle was delivered. The dealer connected the car to the internet and the GM tech center recalibrated the radio which eliminated the issue. 
4000 mi The Check Airbag Warning Light came on. The sensor in the passenger seat was found to be not functioning and was replaced under warranty. 
11000 mi Check Airbag Warning Light came on. Dealer found a loose wire under the front passenger seat and reconnected it. 
50840 mi Left headlight harness faulty - new harness installed 
58000 mi

US $100
low beam connector burned out replaced at electrical shop 
49000 mi

US $470
Moldy smell coming from AC unit. Told at dealer that since model did not have a cabin air filter just to spray a can of Lysol into the air intake. Did not work, AC still stinks. 
68000 mi Moldy smell from AC unit. I was told at the dealer that GM has a AC disinfectant but it was too much of a caustic smell and they therefore don't carry it, and still haven't fixed my problem, even after my second complaint regarding this. 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4dr SUV

270-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

33000 mi Service air bag warning light and message on instrument cluster. Saturn dealer performed a TSB involving adding dielectric compound to a connector under the seat. This temporarily fixed the problem for less than a week. 
34000 mi Service air bag warning light back on less than one week after prior trip in December. Brought it to a different dealer in January (Chevrolet dealer - Saturn dealer is gone). Took 4 days to diagnose, then replaced connector under drivers seat. 
41000 mi Air bag warning light came on a few times during a trip. Dealer states that they could not replicate and no codes were stored, even though On-Star was able to tell me the code when I called them. 
35700 mi Driver side headlight harness replaced. 
39000 mi Passenger side front headlight out. Harness replaced. 
34000 mi Mildew smell from AC evaporator. Injected cleaning foam into evaporator, re-flashed software to incorporate "after-blow" feature. 
36000 mi Airbag warning light. Illuminated for ~1 week. Light extinguished itself on the day repair was scheduled, but dealer pulled code and confirmed there was a problem with the driver airbag connectors. TSB was also issued for the Monte Carlo 
40300 mi Passenger window switch was intermittant. Dealer replaced. 
104000 mi

US $935
Passenger front seat airbag weight sensor failed. 
35000 mi radio had poor reception & interference 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4-door

6-cylinder automatic AWD

2000 mi Nav/OnStar shut down - no electrical power supply. The problem disappeared when the car was restarted. OnStar and dealer fault code scan turned up with no fault codes thrown. 

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2008 Saturn Outlook 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

3000 mi Passenger side, sideview mirror LED light works intermitantly. Dealer indicated entire mirror assembly had to be ordered and painted. 

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2008 Saturn Outlook Electrical Problems

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