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1999 Nissan Maxima repairs by problem area

Engine (40%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (6%)

Brakes and Traction Control (5%)

Suspension and Steering (13%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (30%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (4%)

Other (1%)

Chart based on 82 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 1999 Nissan Maxima.

1999 Nissan Maxima repair cost distribution

$2500+ (5%)

$1000 - $2499 (10%)

$500 - $999 (19%)

$100 - $499 (42%)

< $100 (24%)

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Chart based on 62 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

1999 Nissan Maxima

Engine not specified

Nissan in California, United States
Mar 2011 - Apr 2011
Apr 2011

190000 mi

US $900
Catalytic converter needed to be replaced. 
Nissan in Illinois, United States
Feb 2010 - Jul 2012
May 2011

164000 mi

US $200
I replaced the rear sensor first alittle while ago because that went out and I knew that the other ones were going to go soon and a week before I was planning to replace them one went out and I just replaced both. 
Jul 2011

168000 mi

US $215
starter motor stopped working when at work, but i was drivin to a parts store and replaced it in the Parking lot 
Jul 2012

187000 mi

US $3103
Car was overheating and lacking power. They said it was a blown head gasket so they replaced the head gasket, the timing chain, the chain tensioner, and the radiator. they didnt charge for the radiator 
Nissan in Ohio, United States
Jan 2011 - Jul 2011
Mar 2011

153000 mi

US $480
Radiator support rotted out $200 to weld in U channel to reinforce Engine ignition coils front $180 
Jul 2011

159000 mi

US $200
Ignition coil #1 bad replaced myself $75 
Nissan in New York, United States
Mar 2012 - Apr 2012
Apr 2012

150000 mi

US $300
muffler rattling, had to replace muffler due to rust 
Nissan in Massachusetts, United States
Oct 2011 - Jan 2012
Dec 2011

112000 mi

US $5000
Radiator Support Mount Rusted out- Needed to be replaced Front/Back Struts needed replacement CV Joint and CV axle  New Muffler and exhaust pipe- Rusted out the old one Transmission Pan - replaced 
Nissan in Georgia, United States
Jun 2014 - Jul 2014
Jul 2014

165000 mi

US $560
repair cv axle 
Nissan in Oklahoma, United States
Jan 2013 - Dec 2014
Oct 2013

193000 mi
changed out starter. Starter was replaced about 4 years ago, was under lifetime warranty at autozone, cost me my labor. 
Nov 2014

198000 mi

US $150
Two coil packs went bad, replaced coils with new 
Nissan in Ontario, Canada
Dec 2013 - Jan 2014
Jan 2014

C $1000
Replaced bearing Holes in exhaust MAP and O2 Replaced Ebrake Cable 

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1999 Nissan Maxima 4-door

6-cylinder manual 2WD

Nissan in Illinois, United States
Nov 2010 - Apr 2012
Dec 2010

115000 mi

US $2000
I have replaced both rear rotors and pads, also left rear caliper was seized and it was replaced.  front stabilizer links were also replaced. the car was in frontal collision in december and the hood, front right fender, right headlight... 
Aug 2011

122000 mi

US $550
All 4 shocks were replaced with all mountng hardware, also the fuel filter was replaced 
Nov 2011

126000 mi

US $82
The starter was working randomly, so I ordered one online and instaled it by myself. 
Nissan in Illinois, United States
Mar 2011 - Aug 2011
Aug 2011

169000 mi
The car was still on its original clutch at 170,000 miles, and it and the slave cylinder were showing signs of impending doom. 
Nissan in Oklahoma, United States
Aug 2010 - Jun 2018
Apr 2011

132000 mi

US $67
Check engine light came on, Bad O2 sensor, replaced by owner. Problem fixed. Cost $67 for sensor on Ebay. 
Nissan in Georgia, United States
May 2010 - Jun 2011
Jun 2011

137000 mi

US $100
cleaned clogged EGR tube replaced ignition coil #6 Needs struts Needs AC repair 
Nissan in Florida, United States
Nov 2010 - Mar 2011
Mar 2011

198000 mi

US $75
Replaced MAF unit due to 'chugging' issues, also maintaining use of 92+ Octane fuel. 
Nissan in Florida, United States
Jan 2008 - Nov 2016
Feb 2008

157000 mi

US $120
Replaced starter. 
May 2008

167000 mi

US $130
Replaced 8 pads and 2 rear calipers. 
May 2010

177000 mi

US $210
mass air flow sensor bad. 
Aug 2012

179000 mi

US $60
Replaced rear shocks 
Sep 2012

179000 mi

US $27
Replaced coil on cylinder 1 

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1999 Nissan Maxima 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

Nissan in Georgia, United States
May 2009 - Apr 2011
May 2010

166000 mi

US $1100
AC repair, about $600. Struts replaced, about $500. 
Nissan in Illinois, United States
Mar 2009 - Mar 2010
Apr 2009

75000 mi

US $320
Oxygen Sensor was bad, replaced with new one.  Replaced 2 brackets on the exhaust. 
Nissan in Nevada, United States
Feb 2008 - Jun 2008
Apr 2008

107000 mi

US $500
Replaced Knock Sensor, O2 sensor, and EGR valve. MIL reset and stayed off. 
Nissan in Virginia, United States
Sep 2008 - Jun 2018
Jun 2009

152000 mi

US $88
Car failed to start. Ignition keys had to be rescanned. 
Apr 2010

164700 mi

US $353
car failed to start. starter did not activate/turn. 
Oct 2011

186800 mi

US $250
Radiator leaking. Radiator and hoses replaced. 
Apr 2012

197000 mi

US $217
State inspection revealed left tie rod bad 
Jul 2012

199000 mi

US $229
Service engine light illuminated and returned ODBII codes P0158, P0160 & P0325. One O2 sensor removed and replaced. 
Dec 2012

200000 mi

US $203
Problem: Coolant leaking upon engine shut down. appears to be coming from behind alternator. Finding/Repair: Shop removed alternator and found crack in the block. Shop installed block sealer to stop leak. Leak successfully stopped. 
Feb 2013

201500 mi

US $56
Car failed to start. Removed battery and returned it to Advance Auto Parts where it was tested and confirmed to be bad. New battery installed. 
May 2014

210600 mi

US $342
Left rear caliper dragging. Shop removed and replaced Left rear caliper and rear brake pads. 
Jun 2018

223695 mi

US $264
Car failed to crank at start. Battery checked good. Removed and replaced Starter. 
Nissan in North Carolina, United States
May 2009 - Jan 2014
Jun 2009

128000 mi

US $2500
Bearing on gearbox to air conditioning from serpentine belt was failing (found ball bearings in garage, heard horrible grinding sound when car was running). Nissan design prevented repair without replacing air conditioning. INSANE Air conditioning/heating fan was failing. Replaced. Fog lamps - one casing broken, wanted $200+ to replace. Replaced light bulb in other casing, didn't work, wanted $90 diagnostic fee to troubleshoot, gave them the bulb back. 
Sep 2010

151000 mi

US $500
Starter died. Replaced Starter.  Also had large sections of clearcoat on the front left panel peel. Touched up, but almost immediately peeled off again. 
Jan 2012

184000 mi

US $1500
Tie rod ends, struts, rods Engine mounts 
Oct 2012

173300 mi

US $600
Radiator blew during drive home, replaced radiator, water pump, hoses, thermostat 
Dec 2013

187000 mi

US $600
Fault code and flashing check engine light, car sputtered and struggled to maintain speed. Replaced #5 coil pack. 
Nissan in North Carolina, United States
May 2008 - Jan 2012
Mar 2009

89000 mi

US $50
Cylinder 1 misfire code P0301. Replaced coil #1. 
Feb 2010

92600 mi

US $150
Alternator started whining and smoking and needed to be replaced. 
Nissan in Missouri, United States
Aug 2009 - Mar 2010
Sep 2009

170000 mi

US $800
Check engine light had been on for a while. Car failed yearly inspection. Problem was bad EGR valve, and excessive carbon in intake manifold.  
Nissan in Alberta, Canada
Apr 2010 - Jul 2011
Jun 2011

126480 mi

C $1200
Alternator had to be replaced, as well, exhaust and catalytic converter was replaced not because it was malfunctioning, but because it was old and mechanic recommended replacement of parts. 
Nissan in Alberta, Canada
Aug 2007 - Mar 2010
Sep 2007

106020 mi

C $600
Needed replacement of original alternator. 
Nissan in Illinois, United States
Mar 2010 - Apr 2010
Apr 2010

132000 mi
At time totaled in accident one fog light did not work because the wires had corroded. Needed to be rewired and have hole drilled to let condensation escape. 
Nissan in New Jersey, United States
May 2010 - Aug 2010
Jul 2010

194000 mi

US $97
Check Engine Light (3 tanks of premium gas fixed w/out repair) + found wheel alignment issue found at dealer 
Nissan in Saskatchewan, Canada
Mar 2010 - Jun 2018
Aug 2011

101680 mi

C $727
two front axles replaced. Had cracked boots. Replace both sway bar end links Replaced Axle assemblies(2)$379.55(parts) $281.47(labour) 
May 2013

106020 mi

C $478
Replace alternator/water pump belt, power steering belt, O2 sensor B1s2 
Sep 2015

111600 mi

C $330
ignition coils and spark plugs 
Apr 2016

114080 mi

C $1040
Alternator(245) Battery(140) Harmonic balancery-crank shaft pully(225) Crankshaft seal(25) shop supplies(10) + GST,PST 
Sep 2017

117490 mi

C $200
Champion Rem. Starter (3 year warranty) 
Nissan in Ontario, Canada
Mar 2010 - Mar 2011
Feb 2011

167000 mi

C $300
Alternator stopped charging battery at times, was replaced with a rebuilt alternator. 
Nissan in California, United States
Jul 2010 - Jul 2018
Aug 2010

124000 mi
Would not crank. Starter replaced. 
Jun 2011

132000 mi
Noisy starter - replaced as preventive maintenance. Had lifetime warranty on part, so did not have to pay additional amount. 
Dec 2011

140000 mi
Radiator Hose popped out. Routine maintenance item that had been replaced recently - but was not tightened properly. 
Sep 2012

146000 mi

US $300
Radiator Leak - Replaced radiator and also replaced thermostat. 
Sep 2013

159000 mi
Starter (replacement from Autozone) developed a dead spot, and would not crank at times. Got a free replacement from Autozone and replaced it. 
Jun 2014

165000 mi

US $200
Fuel injector flooded engine. Now excessive engine piston slap. Will have to scrap engine and car. 
Jul 2018

185000 mi

US $185
Alternator replaced 

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1999 Nissan Maxima 4-door

4-cylinder automatic 2WD

Nissan in Maryland, United States
Jul 2011 - Aug 2011
Aug 2011

33000 mi

US $600
Starter was no longer functioning and had to be replaced. 

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