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2006 Mercury Mountaineer repairs by problem area

Engine (28%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (11%)

Brakes and Traction Control (4%)

Suspension and Steering (21%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (25%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (9%)

Other (2%)

Chart based on 53 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2006 Mercury Mountaineer.

2006 Mercury Mountaineer repair cost distribution

$2500+ (5%)

$1000 - $2499 (12%)

$500 - $999 (10%)

$100 - $499 (41%)

< $100 (32%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 41 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2006 Mercury Mountaineer

Engine not specified

Mercury Mountaineer in Louisiana, United States
Sep 2013 - Dec 2013
Dec 2013

96000 mi

US $400
Rear traction control sensor failed at the same time the brakes were replaced. 
Mercury Mountaineer in North Carolina, United States
Oct 2010 - Dec 2010
Dec 2010

86000 mi
power rear folding seat motor passenger side was bad, both power deployable running board motors were seized/inoperable GPS acted weird sometimes 

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2006 Mercury Mountaineer 4dr SUV

292-horsepower 4.6L V8 6-speed automatic RWD

Mercury Mountaineer in Florida, United States
Jul 2010 - Jun 2011
Sep 2010

64000 mi
The air conditioner was blowing hot air when it was on cool. They checked it and had to order a part. The next visit will be on Tuesday 9/21 to fix the problem. A/C repaired on Tuesday, September 21. 
Oct 2010

64000 mi

US $100
Parts were ordered problems was fixed. 

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2006 Mercury Mountaineer 4dr SUV

292-horsepower 4.6L V8 6-speed automatic AWD

Mercury Mountaineer in Michigan, United States
Mar 2014 - Dec 2016
Sep 2014

73000 mi

US $200
Replaced left front hub assembly due to noisy wheel bearing 
Jan 2015

US $200
Replaced right front hub assembly due to bearing noise. Also have left rear seat hinge motor failed that has not been repaired yet. 
Apr 2016

118300 mi

US $2776
Had changed spark plugs. One broke in head. Dealer had to R&R head. Ford refused to participate in this known design problem. Lisle's extraction tool would not remove broken plug and drove it deeper into head 
Mercury Mountaineer in Illinois, United States
May 2013 - Mar 2015
Jan 2015

US $1200
choking at speed 40 mpg to 55 mpg. They changed some spark plugs drained trans fluid & air filter still not fixed. I HAD TO tell dealer needs a torque converter. They had no clue. They're "out of stock" of torque converters. hmmmm funny. 
Mercury Mountaineer in Virginia, United States
Aug 2014 - Oct 2016
Oct 2016

117000 mi

US $337
Replace wheel bearing 
Mercury Mountaineer in Pennsylvania, United States
Jun 2013 - Jun 2016
Nov 2013

99000 mi
Heater was not generating sufficient heat. There were intermittent bursts of heat, but the air was largely just warm. Cleared some sort of obstruction from the heater core. 
Jan 2014

98200 mi

US $100
Heater still not generating sufficient heat. Radiator discovered to be cracked. Radiator was placed. Check engine light on due to misfiring during acceleration. The error code was non-specific. All of the spark plugs were replaced. 
Mercury Mountaineer in Maryland, United States
May 2011 - Apr 2013
Jul 2011

68800 mi

US $100
3rd row power seat. 
Apr 2013

101000 mi

US $479
Front right wheel bearing hub assembly. 
Mercury Mountaineer in Pennsylvania, United States
Jun 2016 - Jan 2018
Dec 2017

136000 mi

US $330
The check engine light was on with code P0193. After initial examination, with wires and leads checked, the code was cleared. It was advised that the fuel rail pressure sensor was possibly/probably faulty. After a week, the check engine light came back on. The sensor was replaced. 
Mercury Mountaineer in Illinois, United States
Oct 2007 - Mar 2014
Dec 2007

24400 mi
Had TSB 07-23-2 6R60 performed on my vehicle. While it did eliminate the bump stop when down shifting. the slippage while moving forward was not completely eliminated although it is much improved. Performed TSB 07-23-2 to correct "bump Stop" and other shifting problems. Repaired cold start surge problem. Repaired cruise control problem. Repaired broken CD player with a replacement unit. 
May 2008

33000 mi
Replaced transmission shifter assembly. Retractable running boards were ordered for both sides of the Mountaineer due to corrosion from the road salt of the past winter. All four wheel center caps have corrosion on them. 
Jun 2008

33000 mi
Both left and right power running boards were replaced due to corrosion. All four wheel center caps were replaced due to corrosion. 
Jan 2011

86200 mi

US $350
Replaced positive and negative battery cable assembly due to corrosion on positive battery post. Battery was also replaced because case was cracked at positive post. 
Mercury Mountaineer in Wisconsin, United States
Mar 2009 - Sep 2013
Apr 2009

31000 mi
TSB to remap transmission shift patterns to stop hard downshifts at slow speed. Cracked coolant hose replaced 
Sep 2009

42000 mi

US $100
Cracked housing on rear wheel speed sensor, causing ABS/TC light to go on at speeds over 60mph 
Sep 2012

89000 mi

US $400
Replace rear shocks and struts 
May 2013

99300 mi

US $1200
Front bearings and tie rods replaced 
Mercury Mountaineer in Tennessee, United States
Sep 2007 - Oct 2012
Mar 2008

30000 mi
New seal to sunroof. 
Oct 2012

106000 mi

US $300
Torque converter acting up. Drained and flushed system. 

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2006 Mercury Mountaineer 4dr SUV

210-horsepower 4.0L V6 5-speed automatic AWD

Mercury Mountaineer in Washington, United States
Aug 2011 - Jun 2018
Sep 2011

104000 mi

US $720
Left front wheel bearing replacement and front brakes and rotors 
Sep 2012

115000 mi

US $1200
radiator leaking 
Apr 2014

134000 mi

US $27
Shifter relay malfunction. Would not release from park when the brake was depressed. 
Jul 2014

139000 mi

US $1020
Air conditioner compressor seized 
Feb 2015

144100 mi

US $29
Nov 2015

154000 mi

US $220
Thermostat housing cracked. 
Feb 2017

167000 mi

US $450
Replaced alternator Replaced windshield reservoir 
May 2018

180000 mi

US $1730
Noisy grinding sound. All four wheel bearings, shocks and struts 
Mercury Mountaineer in New York, United States
Apr 2010 - Sep 2014
Jun 2010

55000 mi

US $1000
Radiator developed a leak along seam, would not hold pressure had to be replaced. 
Feb 2013

94500 mi

US $200
Tie rod end replaced. 
Aug 2014

108600 mi

US $3500
Transmission failure 
Mercury Mountaineer in Virginia, United States
Sep 2012 - Jun 2018
Jan 2013

51500 mi

US $700
Cooler leaked, replaced hoses, coolant, water pump. 
Dec 2015

75000 mi

US $500
Wheel Bearings replaced Lower tie-rod end replaced 
Jul 2016

84300 mi
Lock for one door inop. Replaced relay 
May 2018

119000 mi

US $750
Radiator leak. Replaced radiator 
Mercury Mountaineer in Ohio, United States
Feb 2013 - Sep 2015
May 2013

106000 mi
Pass. Side AC & H control. 
Jul 2013

107300 mi

US $77
needed new RH blend door control. 
Apr 2014

114500 mi

US $200
Leak in seal 

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