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2015 Audi A4 / S4 repairs by problem area

Engine (26%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (9%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (14%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (29%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (17%)

Other (3%)

Chart based on 35 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2015 Audi A4 / S4.

2015 Audi A4 / S4 repair cost distribution

$2500+ (3%)

$1000 - $2499 (0%)

$500 - $999 (3%)

$100 - $499 (7%)

< $100 (87%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 30 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2015 Audi A4 4dr Wagon

supercharged 333hp 3.0L V6 7-speed automated manual AWD

Audi A4 in Great Britain
Jan 2017 - Jul 2018
Jun 2017

21500 mi
Bank 1 catalytic converter replaced. 

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2015 Audi A4 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 220hp 2.0L I4 8-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Audi A4 in Minnesota, United States
Jan 2017 - Jun 2018
Aug 2017

15000 mi
Software recall 
Audi A4 in Missouri, United States
Nov 2014 - May 2017
Apr 2017

74000 mi

US $3500
Trouble getting transmission in gear. Dealer replaced transmission. 
Audi A4 in Virginia, United States
Mar 2015 - Dec 2018
Dec 2015

15000 mi
Satellite radio "linking" with no sound. Diagnosed internal failure of roof antenna. Antenna replaced. 
Aug 2016

33000 mi
Roaring noise from RR wheel. Replaced wheel bearing. 
Jun 2018

84335 mi

US $115
MIL is on. Cause is P0299 turbo underboost (static) fault. Recommend turbocharger replacement. 
Dec 2018

101000 mi

US $111
Purchased a SirrisXM external antenna from Best Buy for $29.99. Radio and traffic now work. Satellite radio “linking” and is inoperable. Rear section of the headliner was lowered and shark fin antenna assembly was determined inoperable. Dealer recommended replacing for $800. Customer declined and purchased a SirrisXM external antenna from Best Buy for $29.99. Radio and traffic now work. 
Audi A4 in Iowa, United States
Jun 2015 - Jun 2018
Nov 2016

31000 mi
The entire MMI screen went blank. The dealer spent 3 days tracking down the problem and conferring with Audi. They replaced the 5F control module and reset everything. We lost all of our data. The $3,000 charge was covered by warranty. 
Apr 2017

36000 mi
Owner adjusted the rearview mirror on the windshield and the mirror fell off - dangling by some wires. 
Jun 2017

38963 mi
Engine Malfunction switch on the dash is on. NVLD Pressure switch broken - Fault P0456 on the EVAP system. Dealer removed and replaced the EVAP filter, EVAP canister and the NVLD pressure switch. Repair cover by warranty. 
Dec 2017

48500 mi
the driver's exterior door lock stopped responding to the key. Replaced the drivers door handle touch pad sensor 
Jun 2018

54755 mi
Left front wheel bearing replacement 
Audi A4 in California, United States
Dec 2015 - Jun 2018
Jan 2018

47000 mi
Recall for wiring on supplementary rear passenger heater. 

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2015 Audi A4 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 220hp 2.0L I4 6-speed manual AWD

Audi A4 in Washington, United States
Dec 2014 - Jan 2018
Oct 2017

19000 mi
Squeaking rear shock bushings. 
Audi A4 in Ontario, Canada
Oct 2015 - Mar 2018
Oct 2016

22320 mi
MMI system failed 
Nov 2017

40300 mi
Squeak around shift boot. 

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2015 Audi A4 4dr Sedan

supercharged 333hp 3.0L V6 7-speed automated manual AWD

Audi A4 in Ontario, Canada
Jan 2015 - Aug 2015
May 2015

6200 mi
The aluminum panel on the left front door got loose so it made an annoying noise when cruising on highway. Took it to a dealer for and found that a screw inside that panel had got loose. Finally fixed it. 
Audi A4 in Ontario, Canada
Aug 2017 - Nov 2018
May 2018

35960 mi
Side mirror not working 
Sep 2018

40300 mi
Rear view camera intermittent. 
Oct 2018

40300 mi
Chain tensioner failure resulting in chain rattle on cold starts. 
Nov 2018

40920 mi
Error message "transmission malfunction, limited usability". Only 2,4,6 gears usable. Computer cleared, nothing repaired. 
Audi A4 in Connecticut, United States
Jul 2014 - Nov 2017
Feb 2017

20700 mi
After receiving Gearbox Failure and TPMS Malfunction warnings, vehicle was flatbedded to local dealer and entire 7sp DSG transmission was replaced based on diagnostics. Vehicle is 2.5 yrs old with 20K miles. 
Jul 2017

24000 mi
Reported clunking resulted in replacement of a rear strut and replacement of front sway bars. 
Audi A4 in Alberta, Canada
Apr 2015 - Jun 2018
Feb 2016

5120 mi
1 backup sensor would periodically fail to work and result in a long beep when car was in reverse. Tech pushed on a sensor and heard a "Click". Removed sensor cleaned the connection and re-installed. 
Audi A4 in Florida, United States
Feb 2016 - Jun 2018
Apr 2017

30000 mi

US $600
Replace front brake pads and rotors Fuel door would not open. I needed to open it manually through the trunk. I haven't taken it in yet as it is not an emergency. It will be covered by warranty. 
Jun 2018

46000 mi
Replaced front upper control arm bushings under warranty Replace fuel door actuator. 
Audi A4 in Maryland, United States
Sep 2015 - Feb 2016
Sep 2015

9000 mi
Evap sensor 

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2015 Audi A4 4dr Sedan

supercharged 333hp 3.0L V6 6-speed manual AWD

Audi A4 in Washington, United States
Jun 2014 - Jun 2018
Apr 2018

26000 mi
Leaking water pump. 
Audi A4 in Pennsylvania, United States
Aug 2017 - Jun 2018
Dec 2017

39123 mi
Sunroof whistling > 40mph - dealer adjusted glass 
May 2018

41000 mi
Slight rattle when engine revs. Dealer replaced front muffler under warranty. 
Audi A4 in California, United States
Sep 2015 - Mar 2018
Mar 2016

13000 mi
speaker rattle, fix didn't work 
Audi A4 in Maryland, United States
Sep 2014 - Jun 2018
Mar 2015

4000 mi
CEL came on. Dealer had to R&R Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor. 

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