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Vibration in steering wheel

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2016 - 2018 Acura RDX

Has anyone experianced a vibration in the steering wheel above 65 mph? Dealer has performed a road force balance, replaced tire, taken tires off an other vehicle that didn't vibrate and it still vibrates. Today I was told that it's just the nature of them. Can't believe that Acura would produce a product with vibrations and not do anything about it.

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Response from Member5508

5:38 pm June 6, 2017

I havent experienced any vibration- right up to 80mph. Dont let the dealer tell you that it is the nature of the beast. No modern car should vibrate at any speed, let alone one that set you back 40 large. Complain directly to Acura if you need to and threaten them with the lemon law.


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Response from Member1230

6:22 pm June 6, 2017

No vibration here either. Try another dealer if you can.

Just as an observation, would you have the Lane assist feature (not Lane departure) turned on at highway speed by any chance? I was worried about vibrations in the steering wheel until I noticed that lane assist generated a vibration in the steering wheel when driving on highways with poor lane markings or when rain or snow made the lane markings less visible. It seems to be desperately trying to find the middle of the lane. I simply turn it off.


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Response from Member4603

8:15 pm June 6, 2017

Thanks for the input. I did mention Lemon Law to them and he decided he could check into it some more by calling Acura engineering. I have the Advance pkg. with Lane Assist. If nothing gets resolved, I'll try turning it off and see if it helps.


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Response from Member4278

9:26 am June 7, 2017

I have the '16 advance package, MX4 Primacy tires and 15K miles. No issues with vibration even with all the lane departure settings on at 75-80mph. Are the rims uneven? Agree with other posters it's not normal.


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Response from Member4603

10:26 am June 7, 2017

I have asked about bent wheel(s), tire(s), and brake rotor, they claim all are good. Hopefully Acura engineering can give them a solution today.


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