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2006 Audi A4 / S4 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by dpwagner

A member in Florida, United States


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Reviewed: 2005.5 Audi A4

4dr Sedan turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed manual AWD

Why the 2005.5 Audi A4?

Powertrain performance

One of the only true sport packages available with try symetrical AWD and manual transmission options, in combination with a very tunable low pressure turbo.

Reliability & durability

This car is bullet-proof. End of story. The B7 A4 is the evolution of B6/B7 platform and most of the kinks are ironed out in the final years. No worries here.

Exterior styling

The distinctive grille and tail will age nicely. Will not look outdated next to the future generation.

Why Not the 2005.5 Audi A4?

Front seat support & comfort

Sport seats were not provided to the US due to DOT crash testing regulations. This means the only seats available are the very flat and uncomfortable standard seats. Only the S4 has the Recaro option for the US.

Front seat room

For tall passengers, the front seats will need to be pushed back in order to provide front leg room. Width of the cockpit side-to-side is not substantial.

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