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2013 - 2020 Audi A5 / S5

I'm considering the A5/S5 coupe as my next car. I love the look and content on both these cars but I'm wondering: If you have an A5, do you wish you had sprung for the extra bucks and got theS5?

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Response from brexster3

5:59 am June 10, 2016

I think that it depends on what matters most to you. I traded in my 2004 S4 cabriolet on a 2011 Lexus 250C because it was red and not an Audi. The car was totalled in an accident six months after we bought it. We replaced it with an A5 cabriolet because Audi convertibles drive better than any other convertible on the market And we tried them all. I didn't buy the S5 because this car is a daily driver and the fuel savings and lower purchase price made more sense. I have seldom missed the extra power and the car will cruise all day at 140 km/hr (85 mph) on the freeway and still return 24 mpg with the top down. The turbo 4 feels stronger than you might expect, especially at high altitude.


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