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2011 Audi A6 / S6 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by louielouie

A member in Georgia, United States


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Reviewed: 2011 Audi A6 / S6

4dr Sedan supercharged 300hp 3.0L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Why the 2011 Audi A6 / S6?

Powertrain performance

Perfect balance of power and efficiency. Power on tap immediately when needed.

Feature availability

Every luxury and convenience feature desired is available (or standard).

Exterior styling

Looks fantastic. Classy, bold, but not overdone.

Brand reputation & image

Best styling/design in the car business. Looks much better than M-B & BMW, and performs on par (or better) than their equivalent models.


Handling is confidence-inspiring. Quattro is excellent.

Why Not the 2011 Audi A6 / S6?


With the 19" sport package (19" summer performance tires), you trade some quietness for better handling, but its a worthwhile tradeoff. Noise level is still very acceptable.

Price or payments

Pricey, especially with options, but no more so than its direct competition. Still cheaper than an equivalent M-B or BMW.

Rear seat room & comfort

Rear seat room is average, no better.

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