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2014 Audi Q5 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Audi Q5 TDI 3.0L: Too good to be true? by darioa



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Reviewed: 2014 Audi Q5

4dr SUV turbocharged 240hp 3.0L V6 Diesel 8-speed shiftable automatic AWD

2014 Audi Q5 Love Letter

I bought my Audi Q5 3.0L TDI in January. I've driven it through heavy snow, offroad, mountain passes and long highway stretches. I am still amazed at the MPG / power / agility / comfort combination. Very fast off a standing start, it has so much torque especially at low speeds, it feels like a sports car. I have averaged 30.6 miles per gallon over 6800 miles. The highest I got was 48 MPG going from 8000 ft to an 11,300 ft mountain pass, and down to 5600 ft over 90 miles in Colorado. In a relatively flat highway I got 41.5 mpg (from the car computer) but I suspect a real number more like 39 mpg over 160 mile stretch (the trip computer is usually off (high) from 1 to 2 mpg). I did a 750 mile trip (one tank) and averaged 38 mpg through multiple mountain passes (yes I had almost nothing left in the 19.8 gallon tank).

Things to improve are small but include showing the outside temperature in the MMI display, adding a roll away type trunk cover so you don't have to move the back seats forward to stow the hard back cover, add 4G or LTE support to the cell data capabilities, and add an iOS interface to the MMI display.

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