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Any issues wth Q7?

Ask the People Who Own One:

2017 - 2024 Audi Q7

I really like the styling for the 2017Q7 and want to hear from actual owners to see if there are any issues so far since this is the first year model.

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Response from rfcoop

11:46 pm October 30, 2017

I traded a 2011 Q7 for a 2017. 15,000 miles on it now and no problems or repairs. It is a completely different car than the 2011, better in every way: More comforable, much better ride but still quite firm, seats are excellent (the '11 seats were rocks), quieter, so far a great car to drive and you can really push it through corners. The virtual dash has a tremdous amount of information you can page and it is great looking unlike the "ipad" look in many cars.
Things I'm not crazy about: the shift pattern is completely different from earlier model cars and it gets a lot of getting used to. Reverse is where Park used to be and the shifter always returns to the same position after you shift. No clue why auto manufacturers are doing this. I've had this car for 8 months and still find this feature completely annoying. The electronics and creature comforts are overwhelming. If you buy one of these spend some real time with a knowledgeable sales person before you take it home.
Overall I guess it has something for everyone. It's a great driving car, and I would highly reccomend it.


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Response from NormT

6:27 am October 31, 2017

For 2017 a 2.0T was an engine option also.

We looked at one off lease last year with Tech Package. It was sharp looking in gray color with graphite wheels. It was a bit narrow and the plastics on the seat backs and we're all scratched up beyond repair. Like the previous owner had kids and their soccer cleats in the car. The pieces would have to be replaced as they were so unrepairable. That is why Ilike hard plastics on seat backs and below the elbows on door panels. We didn't even drive.


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Response from LectroFuel

8:08 pm October 31, 2017

I took a look at one of these a couple months ago. I really liked it, but you can tell it is a German car. For example, the ergonomics in the interior are not the best, small cupholders, and the 2nd and 3rd row seats are uncomfortable and narrow unlike the front. The leather was not the soft and supple like other luxury brands (Lexus and Mercedes). It isn't meant for practicality (or reliability) as much as luxury and sportiness, so it does it's job and I liked it. If your kids are older and they know to respect your car I think it would be a nice car. Otherwise look at the CX-9 or Highlander (or minivan).

The main problems are the supercharger clutch needing to be replaced and the driver assistance features giving warning lights (in a malfunctioning way, not to avoid an accident).


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Response from Member1316

12:44 am November 1, 2017

Overall a great car. Love the smooth power delivery particularly in sport mode. The tech is outstanding though it can take a bit to get used to and voice recognition isn't the greatest. The only issue I've had was a warning lights and sensors that ultimately resulted in a couple days in the shop for a replacement sensor (not sure if it was lane departure or airbag but both were disabled due to the malfunction).


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Response from ahamii

8:39 am November 17, 2017

I have 2008 Audi Q7, the vehicle is still performing like a champion. Typical maintenance (Tires, Fluid changes, TuneUps). The only real issue that came up a few months ago was the starter. Once we replaced that we were back in business. No complaints regarding 2008 Q7


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