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BMW 428 / Audi A6 / Lexus GS

Ask the People Who Own One:

2014 - 2020 BMW 4-Series

Hi folks

Would appreciate anyone who can offer some real life experience with owning the BMW 428 and Audi A6 and Lexus GS.

Am looking at a new car pretty soon and i\'ve narrowed my choices down to the above. My head tells me Lexus GS, but my heart tells me the 428i or Audi A6 Avant.

Can you share what are your experiences with owning either of these cars? Have you been seeing the dealership at least 1x a mth? Do they cost a lot to do regular maintenance and repairs? How are they towards the end or after warranty period?

I\'ve been reading alot and seems like Audi\'s have been improving their quality and are now ahead of BMWs. But not sure if I can rely on those surveys.

Thanks for your insights & helping me avoid a money pit. :-)


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Response from Vikast

7:43 pm April 30, 2016

Hi Desmond,

My BMW 428i is probably too new to provide any data. I had purchased a BMW 328 new in 1999 and that was not an easy car to own. The first 2 to 3 years were fine; however, the subsequent years were terrible. I had bough an aftermarket extended warranty for ~$2,500. When I traded in the car in 2005, I added up all the repair receipts paid by the warranty for kicks - it was about $6,000. Major issues were thermostats (3 of them), window motors and regulators (all 4 windows, some twice), several leaks, power steering pump, tie rods, oxygen sensor, and a few other items. The BMW dealer charged about $1,200 for brakes, a new battery was ~$200 (couldn't go to a local pep boys, had to go to the dealer due to special size) and maintenance was fairly expensive (oil changes, etc.). Although, it has been 16 years, the experience soured me on owning another BMW. As a result, I have purchased a couple of Infinitis (no issues) and have only recently leased a BMW (if it has issues - it can go back). I don't know if my experience was atypical; however, I recommend knowing a really good independent BMW mechanic, as maintenance and repair prices can be high. I hope that helps.


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Response from cgjacoby

2:22 pm May 18, 2016

I bought a 2014 Audi A6 in summer of 2013 for the V6 diesel engine. Best car I've ever owned. It's quiet, extremely solid on the highway and great on long trips. No repairs in 3 yrs.
Unfortunately, it's caught up in VW's dieselgate.
my only complaint: too big for me. I'm looking for somthing shorter like an A4 or a MB C class.
Hope this helps.


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Response from Bimmerhead

5:06 am June 19, 2016

Thanks Vikast & Cgjacoby for the insights.
Bought the 2016 A6 and i got the dealer to include 3 yrs servicing on top of the warranty, he did.

@Vikast, I owned a BMW 530 v8 and I agree it's not cheap even for regular maintenance. Disc & pads easily set me back $3500, and I had the Nikasil issue with mine and they replaced the engine block for free, but that job took 2 weeks and would've cost my 12k. Even with its issues, I loved that 530.

BMWs just took the #1 spot in Singapore for the most complaints from new owners for last 12 mths.


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