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2018 BMW 5-Series Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

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TSB Date Problem Area TSB Text
05/07/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10136347
TSB ID: B610118

High voltage system: isolation faults: the check control message (ccm), "powertrain malfunction!" is displayed.
05/07/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10136353
TSB ID: B620218

Vehicle check displays due in cbs data after reset for 2nd oil service: after reset of service interval (e.g. oil change), the vehicle check is displayed as "due" (yellow).
05/07/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10136354
TSB ID: B621917

Instrument cluster remains dark after starting the vehicle: upon starting the vehicle (terminal 15 switched on), the instrument cluster does not function (stays dark, no needle response, no bus communication).
05/07/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10136355
TSB ID: B630516

Headlight assemblies have visible internal moisture/condensation: water on the inside (a) or misting (b) of both headlight lenses that is visible from outside.
05/07/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10136333
TSB ID: B120818

Rough running and various vanos faults stored: the check engine light is illuminated and the vehicle may run rough at idle and while driving.
05/07/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10135993
TSB ID: B660218

Radio remote sporadically inoperative: sporadically one or both of the below situations can occur:
NHTSA's feed only includes summaries. For the full text of TSBs:

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05/07/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10135994
TSB ID: B661016

Garage door opener cannot be programmed: the vehicle's rear view mirror integrated universal remote control is incompatible with some garage door (or fence) opener devices installed at the driver's residence and/or business.
05/07/18 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10136000
TSB ID: B840618

Connecteddrive-remote services do not function: remote services (such as locking and unlocking the car, vehicle location by honking the horn, flashing the lights or on the map in the BMW connected app) do not function after vehicle has been
05/07/18 Other NHTSA ID: 10135997
TSB ID: B720417

False warnings that the front passenger seat is occupied without the seat belt buckled: acoustic and visual warnings indicate that the front passenger seat is occupied and the seat belt is not fastened, when the seat is actually unoccupied.
05/07/18 Other NHTSA ID: 10136344
TSB ID: B513016

Tailgate unintentionally opens: trunk/tailgate may open when vehicle is locked.
05/07/18 Other NHTSA ID: 10135992
TSB ID: B651316

Nbt-evo head unit cannot be swapped between vehicles for testing. 'component protection active': if either the nbt-evo head unit or body domain controller (bdc) are swapped into a different vehicle they will cause the head unit nbt-evo to e

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BMW 5-Series TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins)

Some things are often misunderstood about recalls and technical service bulletins (TSBs). Plus a disclaimer.

  1. Recalls do not have to be issued only because something is prone to failure. NHTSA (a government agency) can only require a recall if a failure will affect safety, emissions, fuel economy, or compliance with some other regulation or law. Manufacturers can voluntarily recall cars for problems that do not affect these, though.
  2. Recalls often apply to only some cars of a specific model year, rather than all of them. You should receive a letter from the manufacturer if your car has been recalled. You can also check with the dealer, which will know which (if any) recalls pertain to your car.
  3. The primary purpose of TSBs is to inform dealers about known problems with a car and how to fix them. They are not the same as recalls. As with recalls, TSBs often only apply to some cars, not the entire model year.
  4. Dealers often will not provide a preventive repair just because a problem described in a TSB might happen to your car. They'll usually want to observe symptoms that the problem is already affecting your car.
  5. Even if there are symptoms, a manufacturer doesn't have to pick up the cost of a TSB repair if the car is out of warranty, though sometimes they do.

We provide the text of recalls and TSBs as provided by NHTSA. There can be errors in the text. If you sign up for notifications in My Garage, we will try to get these to do, but for various reasons (some beyond our control) cannot guarantee you will receive them. When in doubt about a recall or TSB, contact the dealer.