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2011 - 2013 BMW 5-Series

What mileage is normal for brake rotor change?

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Response from Member3393

10:50 am July 8, 2016

It very much depends on the type of driving you do. I have 122k miles on my 535i X and am still running the orginal brakes. My car spends most of its time on the highway and very little stop and go traffic city type driving. To be clear - I am still on the orginal pads and rotors. I am sure there is a BMW spec for required replacement rotor wear due to excessive thinness. If the rotors are warped they should probably be replaced as the shaking and variable pressurers can cause excessive wear to suspension components.


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Response from ptlaser

5:54 pm October 17, 2017

2012 535 X-Drive. My front rotors have been vibrating under heavy braking since ~50k. I have free maintenance thru 100k. I first complained about the vibration at 53k and was told the pads & rotors were within spec. At 76k the dealer told me the same thing. They promise they will replace the rotors as soon as the pads are out of spec. Now at 80k miles.


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