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2006 BMW Z4 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Get price for the vehicle by christiem



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When my husband and I were looking for another car three years ago, I did some cost comparisons on the dealership (Saturn at that time) as my Aura was being worked on. Went throught the lot noting year/model/miles/amenities noted for about 12 used cars.

Reviewed: 2006 BMW Z4

2dr Convertible 215-horsepower 3.0L I6 6-speed manual RWD

Why the 2006 BMW Z4?

Exterior styling

The 2006 Z4 is the classic styling that has always gotten a person's attention. Squared rear, rounded front with the classic 2-part grill. The convertible top is a light brown in color which makes it standout from the other black top models seen.

Interior styling

Though the Z4 has a lot of features, the dashboard is simplistic to look at, easy to use.

Front seat support & comfort

I find the front seat, even heated, to have great lumbar support, my sciatica does not bother me even when I have to use the clutch. Those with long legs are amazed at all the leg room available.

Fuel economy

Around town I get about 23 mpg but on the open highway, get 30 to 32 mpg which is huge since the Z only uses premium grade gas.

Ride smoothness

due to the tires (high performance) width, the ride can be a bit jerky if the road are warped but on a smooth highway the drive/ride is unbelievable. The Z typically comes with 'run-stop' tires which were really a very hard ride so that is why I changed to traditional tires. The only problem will be if I ever get a flat, there is NO spare tire.

Why Not the 2006 BMW Z4?

Cargo capacity

The trunk is quite large for several bags which is pleasantly surprising.


Went home and did some Consumer Reports comparison of the cars and the 2006 Z4 3.0i was a best buy for that year. the price Consumer Reports suggested was more than the dealer wanted and the mileage was low (12,800) so we decided on this one. Love 6 speed but husband had to 'relearn' manual.

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