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Buick LaCrosse vs. Kia Cadenza (2018) Specs

How powerful is the engine? How much room is in the back seat? Get the 2019 Buick LaCrosse and 2018 Kia Cadenza specs.

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2019 Buick LaCrosse and 2018 Kia Cadenza Specifications

Model Year 2019 2018  
Model Buick LaCrosse Kia Cadenza  
Engine 3.6L V6
310 hp@6800
282 lb-ft@5200
3.3L V6
290 hp@6400
253 lb-ft@5200
Transmission 9-speed shiftable automatic 8-speed shiftable automatic  
Drivetrain FWD FWD  
Body 4dr Sedan 4dr Sedan  
Wheelbase 114.4 in 112.4 in 2 in
Length 197.5 in 195.7 in 1.8 in
Width 73.5 in 73.6 in -0.1 in
Height 57.5 in 57.9 in -0.4 in
Curb Weight 3598 lb. 3633 lb. -35 lb.
Fuel Capacity 15.8 gal. 18.5 gal. -2.7 gal.
Headroom, Row 1 38.4 in 40.2 in -1.8 in
Shoulder Room, Row 1 57.7 in 58.3 in -0.6 in
Hip Room, Row 1 54.8 in 56.5 in -1.7 in
Legroom, Row 1 42.0 in 45.5 in -3.5 in
Headroom, Row 2 37.2 in 37.9 in -0.7 in
Shoulder Room, Row 2 56.6 in 56.5 in 0.1 in
Hip Room, Row 2 55.1 in 56.3 in -1.2 in
Legroom, Row 2 40.0 in 37.2 in 2.8 in
Total Legroom 82 in (over 2 rows) 82.7 in (over 2 rows) -0.7 in
Cargo Volume 14.3 ft3 16.0 ft3 -1.7 ft3

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What Our Members Are Saying about the Seat Room and Comfort of the 2019 Buick LaCrosse

None of our members have yet commented on the seat room and comfort of the 2019 Buick LaCrosse.

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TrueDelta Reviews the Seat Room and Comfort of the 2018 Kia Cadenza

2018 Kia Cadenza Seat Room and Comfort: Pros
2017 Due to its shorter greenhouse and taller, more intrusive center console, the Buick's front row doesn't feel nearly as roomy as the Kia's, or even as roomy as the related Chevrolet Malibu's. Large sedans aren't what they used to be. While in the past they were both longer and wider than midsize sedans, these days they more often than not share platforms with the latter, and thus are not significantly wider, only longer. Even in the official specs the LaCrosse has nearly an inch less front shoulder room than the "smaller" Malibu. Likewise, the Cadenza's front row dimensions are within fractions of an inch of the Optima's. If you're seeking more front seat room than in a midsize sedan, you won't find it in these cars. To be fair, midsize sedans have grown. Both the Cadenza and LaCrosse have comfortable front seats, with the Buick's cushion perhaps slightly cushier. Take a turn aggressively, though, and you're much more likely to slide off the Buick's non-bucket, as it provides hardly any lateral support. The Cadenza's bolsters are more effective. The payoff for the additional size of these largish sedans can be found in the back seat, where each offers about two inches more legroom than its junior partner. On paper, the Kia Cadenza offers only slightly more total legroom than the Buick LaCrosse. In reality, it offers much more. With the front seat positioned for my 30-inch inseam (I'm not long of leg), I had about ten inches of knee room in the Kia's back seat. The Kia's rear seat cushion is also a little more supportive and comfortable than the Buick's. Not so good: in both cars there's not enough space under the front seats for the rear seat passengers' feet, essentially robbing them of about a half-foot of legroom. This design flaw is more the rule than the exception in upscale sedans. Still, it's not right. see full Kia Cadenza review

What Our Members Are Saying about the Seat Room and Comfort of the 2018 Kia Cadenza

None of our members have yet commented on the seat room and comfort of the 2018 Kia Cadenza.

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