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type of fuel

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2010 - 2012 Cadillac SRX

Does anyone use regular 87 octane gas in their SRX with the 3.6L V-6 engine? If so, have there been any engine problems related to that type of fuel?

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Response from Member3343

8:30 pm October 23, 2017

Our 2012 SRX has never had any fuel other than regular octane. 107,000 miles now and no engine problems.


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Response from SpenceRX4

10:07 am October 24, 2017

Yes, I have only used 87 octane regular gas. If I remember right, the owners manual stated to use regular grade3 gasoline. I have had no problems with it.
2012 SRX4 with 52,000 mi.


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