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Reliability and inssurance cost

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2017 - 2019 Cadillac XT5
A member in Puebla, Mexico


I am interestend on 2018-2019 xt5 relibility and inssurance costs.

Can someone help?

Thank you

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Response from LectroFuel

8:42 pm January 15, 2020

It likely won't be as reliable as a Lexus, but the powertrain will probably be relatively reliable as it is a basic 3.6L naturally aspirated V6. They use that engine in a lot of GM products. I would only worry about electronic glitches, as Cadillac has been getting more reports of electrical problems as of recent. If you want something more reliable, look for a Lexus NX which is also available in a hybrid. Neither the Cadillac or Lexus are that good in their segment, but the Lexus at least has reliability to brag about. Don't get the 2017 XT5 because that was the first model year when they had many problems.


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Response from NormT

6:48 am July 6, 2020

The Buick Envision is similar size and is rated higher by Consumer Reports. You can get a full loaded Prem ll for middle $30's and offers similar warranty through 2019 models.


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