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2014 Chevrolet Camaro Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Daily Driver With a Soul for the Track - Cure for the Common Commuting Appliance by mongojoe



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The Camaro SS 1LE is a noticeably better driver than the base SS, and though it has less power than the ZL1, it has more than enough for serious track sessions. Exterior is pure old-school musclecar. Interior comfort is excellent, particularly with the optional Recaro seats, though some of the trim pieces are noticeably "old school" GM hard plastics. Infotainment system is not as good as some, but better than many (including Toyota). Car is a nice palette that many use to personalize via performance or appearance mods. Love this car, and smile every time I drive it. The highlight of my daily commute!

Reviewed: 2014 Chevrolet Camaro

2dr Coupe 426-horsepower 6.2L V8 6-speed manual RWD

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Love Letter

Styling is a modern take on the classic '69 Camaro lines. Silver or metallic colors really pick out the creases in the sheet metal. For such a large car (based on the Zeta platform shared with the old Pontiac G8 and current Chevy SS), the low roof and large wheels make the car seem proportionally correct for a musclecar: low, wide, and wedge-like. The compromise is outward visibility, which can be challenging in certain parking situations. Backup camera, rear sensors, and proper mirror placement mitigate this in nearly all situations.

Was not sure about the matte black vinyl black hood wrap at first (I'm a bit old for such things), but now I love it. Cuts glare from the hood and does make the car look distinctive. Same for the really nice wide black wheels, which protrude a bit beyond the fenders and give the car a really aggressive stance (though the dirt and debris kicked up to the body make a protective wrap of the lower fenders a must).

RS package halo headlights are very stylish, but also a bit expesive for such a limited appearance package.

The redesign for the 2014-15 model years improved the look of the front end, in my opinion, reducing the height of the front grille and lights for a more menacing look. Unfortunately, the update to the rear taillights and treatment to the bumper made what was a distinctive look rather bland.

I prefer a total blackout front grille look, like the '67 RS I owned as a kid. Replaced the bright gold bowtie "nose" with a black billet bowtie. Just what the Dr. ordered.

The interior plastics are hard in cheap feeling in certain places, but nothing very objectionable. WIth the exception of the parking brake handle, everything you tough is either nice microsuede or leather (I have the 2SS). The optional infotainment system and screen improve the look of the center stack, and the classic 4-pack guages are a nice touch. The Recaro seats are large, supportive, and extremely comfortable for long drives. Sightlines around the thick A-pillars and rear quarters are a bit compromised, and is view up when at a traffic light.

Performance for this car is outstanding. WHile not built for drag racing, it is built for balanced performance driving. I found it comparable or superior to BMW M3's, Infiniti G37s, and Ford Mustang GTs I have driven. The suspension tweaks and 3.91 rear end make this a great track car and cruiser, ensuring there is always enough power on tap (torque is a wonderful thing). The 6-speed is a joy, and suprisingly light and nicely weighted.

Dual mode exhaust is a must-have. It is quiet at low RPM when driving around the neighborhood, but opens up to a full-throated roar when you step on the gas. Also like the burbles and crackles on over-runs. Basically, a quiet comfortable cruiser when you need it to be, and a race-car substitute when you want it.

The stock tires are definitely for warm, dry conditions only! They grip like crazy in the heat, and add to this car's considerable handling performance. You will need all-season or (better yet) winter tires when the temperatures drop below 60. With the OEM tires, I can easily pull over 1G in the corners. They do transfer more road imperfections than my winter tires, but the ride is not harsh, in my opinion.

Fuel economy in mixed driving has averaged 17.8MPG since purchasing the car. I could probably average 19 MPG with more restained use of the go pedal, but that is nearly impossible.


This car has excellent style, performance and comfort. For the price of a bland FWD car from Japan or a used RWD coupe from Germany with shaky reliability, I have a car that is outstanding to drive, very safe (check the crash ratings), and makes me smile over a year since purchasing it. I have had no reliability issues with the car whatsoever.

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