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1998 conv corvette

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1997 - 2004 Chevrolet Corvette
A member in Serbia

I'm looking at buying a 1998 corvette and am wondering what are some issues that may arise in terms of reliability and repair costs. It's only got around 43k miles on it.

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Response from Member1870

8:53 pm September 26, 2016

Lots of information at: http://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c5-corvettes-1997-2004-2/


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Response from Member944

9:40 am September 27, 2016

My 99 Corvettte has been one of most reliable cars I have owned. Issues to the 98 are DO NOT buy if any codes are stored indicating abs brakes or active handling. Pull the codes Key lock bypass was a recall item If it has ride adjustable shocks they can be bypassed for about $400 for full set of new but OEM adjstable are $2000. Ask if transmission fluid has been changed if auto. AUto is better faster shifts and more reliable. Ask how many wheel bearing have been changed if any. Frequent wheel bearings indicate race driven on course and side loading. My 99 had all Origional wheel bearings. Get all origional stickeers and documentation. My 99 Nassau blue has just at 1000,000 uses no oil transmission oil changed 3 times and in great shape and I have offers to $20000 for rare color from museums. Just make sure everything works. My car is still in great shape and good reliable enough to drive across 99. 98 should be as trouble free if cared fro properly.

Make sure it is not a flood car.


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