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Reliability of ignition switch recall repair

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2006 - 2012 Chevrolet HHR

Has anyone that has had a GM replaced ignition switch experienced a failure? My dealer replaced the lock cylinder only a year ago. That replacement has failed. When the repair shop tried to replace the lock cylinder, they found that the switch housing was damaged during teh recall 'repair'.

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Response from HHR

4:23 pm September 17, 2016

Ours was done at dealership in 2014 under the recall. No issues since then. Sounds like you had an incompetent dealership who damaged the housing. I would contact that dealer and ask them to rectify the problem.


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Response from Member1449

4:43 pm September 17, 2016

Mine was done at the dealership under the recall. Have had no issues since then; had none prior to.


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Response from Member1310

10:15 pm October 14, 2016

I dont know why GM has issues with the ignition switches, I have never heard of any other brand having issues like they do .


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