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Electrycal bug

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2005 - 2007 Chrysler Town & Country

Sorry my bad English. I\\\'ll try to explain a bug. I have a Grand Voyager 2006 3.3 limited (European). When
the engine is idle sometimes a part of electronic stops working suddenly. Instrument panel (odometer is still
on!), fog lights, electric slide doors and tailgate, Central lock and something else (can\\\'t remember) but the
same ones and all together. By the way the remote control of the \\\"non-native\\\" alarm continues to turn the
central lock on and off! When the bug occures I may start start the engine and the car goes without any
other problems. This problem will not occur if I start the engine before. But if this happens I need to remove
the terminal from the battery or pull out the fuse \\\"IDO\\\" for a few seconds or just close all doors manually (if
open) and wait typically until the odometer is lit off and then everything restores itself. Problem occurs in any
weather and its occurrence is unpredictable. Replacement of the BCM and FCM did not help. I need Your
help! Thank you very much!

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Response from Member3974

3:34 am March 5, 2017

Post this question on allpar.com tech support forum. Some of the Chrysler techs there will probably know the answer.


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Response from RosarioAgro

8:51 am March 5, 2017

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