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2009 Dodge Challenger Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: a refined muscle car that throws you back in the seat and is comfortable at the same time by mjf6866



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Reviewed: 2009 Dodge Challenger

2dr Coupe 376-horsepower 5.7L V8 6-speed manual RWD

Why the 2009 Dodge Challenger?

Exterior styling

gorgeous styling harkens back to the original. true muscle car styling.

Powertrain performance

the 5.7 vvt hemi is a torque monster. underrated and makes more torque than the mustang 5.0 and Camaro SS. if you look at the HP/Torque curves, the Challenger actually makes more HP up to a certain point. Not to discredit those cars, but the Challenger gets a bad rap of being "too heavy and too underpowered". people tend to only look at peak published numbers and usually disregard torque so i figured i'd focus on that in my review. the car throws you in the seat, and if you can launch it right, its RIGHT there with the SS. ask me how i know :)....many flashlight drag events have proven this car can contend with the other guys with the right tires and driver in the real world and not a magazine.

Reliability & durability

I have had this car for 5 years and even though its only driven on nice days, i have flogged this car and have bounced it off the rev limiter more than a few times and have had not one issue. the interior quality is high too. quite and solid. all business.

Ride smoothness

the challenger rides so nice, its decieving sometimes to tell how fast you are actually going. 60 feels like 40. very refined ride.

Color choices

classic mopar color choices...i had to have Hemi Orange with black leather interior and I got it! other great colors to choose from too.

Why Not the 2009 Dodge Challenger?


stock the R/T isnt the best in the corners...but its a muscle car at heart, not a sports car. its lightyears ahead of any classic muscle cars!

Other Features of the 2009 Dodge Challenger

Brand reputation & image

Dodge has a bad rep from the Daimler days...this car was right after they were getting back on track and it shows. This car has taken the beatings i put it through and asks for more.


this car is extremely fun to drive and performs when fitted with the right tires and driver. too bad people base their opinion on this car based on magazine reviews. go drive one and you will fall in love with that torque! the Hemi oozes it!

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