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2015+ V6 Charger reliability?

Ask the People Who Own One:

2015 - 2022 Dodge Charger
A member in Texas, United States

As one can imagine, finding reliability data is difficult for this car, since it is so new. I am very interested in buying a 2015 V6, and would like to know what kind of issues (no matter how small you may think they are) you may or may not be having.

When I was at the dealer, I test drove one and loved it. However, the center screen in the gauge cluster was completely fuzzy (no display whatsoever). This worried me, but I have had a very hard time finding this issue on online forums, etc.

Any information regarding issues for the 2015+ V6 is welcome, thank you.

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Response from Member5525

1:10 pm August 29, 2016

My 2012 Charger SXT Plus (with 65K miles on the same drivetrain) has been utterly reliable. The only issue of any sort in 4 years was a wheel speed sensor that failed ($150 at the dealer). Performance is all you could ask for - as you've experienced - but the surprising thing is the economy. My car regularly exceeds the EPA figures - I often average 32+ mpg on long trips, and have averaged the mid-20's in town.

Regarding the UConnect unit- hopefully the car your are looking at has the big screen one, not the smaller screen one in baseline cars. This is considered one of the best units in the industry and should not be "fuzzy" in any way. Your test drive car must have had a defective unit that should be replaced under warranty. Check other Chargers on the lot to compare.

If you have a choice of available cars, the only other recommendation is the 20" wheel option. The upgrades to the suspension amp up the driving enjoyment quotient considerably. I have driven Chargers and 300's with the standard suspension. Nice, but the upgrade really does tranform the car.

Happy motoring.


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Response from Member1310

10:19 pm October 14, 2016

The Pentastar V6 has been reliable since the early years where they had head issues with the motor. The only problem em I have with it is that it sounds like garbage when cold when first started for like 2-3 minutes . almost embarassing thats how loud the whining sound is .


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