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tall driver vehicle

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2015 - 2021 Dodge Charger

Looking for a vehicle that comfortably seats me for road trips, i'm 6'5 .

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Response from Member5525

10:12 am June 21, 2016

I am 6'1" and have no trouble at all being comfortable in my 2012 Charger (same car, different grill), and there are still several inches of seat travel left. They are terrific road trip cars. Lots of room for four (and all their luggage), quiet, smooth, and the V6 is remarkably thrifty. I regularly get 33-34mpg on long trips.

One tip: I have the 20" wheel package with the handling suspension. Makes all the difference. I've driven Chargers and 300's with the standard 18" wheel suspension, and although slightly softer on some surfaces, it also flops around (comparatively speaking, of course) on undulating roads. Drive them both and decide your preference. And get the big screen UConnect with navigation. Best in the business.

Also, except for a wheel speed sensor that went out at 50K miles, my Charger has been completely fault-free.

Happy motoring!


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Response from rassme1

5:28 pm July 29, 2016

My boyfriend is 6' 7" and fits great in his Chevy Truck! My son has a Dodge Charger and he is 6' 5" and fits great in his charger. The Charger is pretty awesome, very roomy, love the look, hemi/power, throaty sound, but it's getting up there in miles and it's now nickle and diming me in repair bills.


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