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2015 Dodge Dart Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2015 Dodge Dart California edition by coalinga



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Car was bought new in July of 2015 and has about 6k miles on it currently.

Reviewed: 2015 Dodge Dart

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2015 Dodge Dart Horror Story

Car has had issues with braking from the first week we got it. The brakes just never felt like they grabbed properly.properly. Dodge consistently told me that Darts have no braking issues and they were not aware of any NTSB investgation into them. A few days ago Dart had a major recall for brake issues, unfortunately it didn't cover the 2015 year. I've brought my car in six times now complaining about the brakes the first two times they didn't even pull the wheels, just looked at the car and said the brakes look fine. The transmission has started slamming into gear again Dodge says they can't replicate the issue. The interior is falling apart around me. The headliner seem along the windshield is separating and fall, the carpet is peeling back between the drivers seat and center console, rubber trunk stoppers have all fallen off and , the dealer first said it was normal and then that we intentionally damaged the car. We finally got approval to replace the headliner but , not the carpet yet. We also contacted the Dodge buyback program when we missed a call from them , they closed the case. We offered to buy another new Dodge if , they took the Dart back. There solution was an employee discount towards a new Dodge. The equivalent of $700 and we'd be stuck with $9,000 in negative equity.


We're looking into hiring a lawyer to have Dodge take the car back under the California Lemon Law.

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