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Durango reliability

Ask the People Who Own One: photograph by Michael Karesh

2014 - 2020 Dodge Durango
A member in Serbia

Looking to purchase a late model used or possibly new v6 AWD Dodge Durango. In Citadel trim, seems to have about everything I would want but curious about how well it holds up and if I'll be making frequent trips to the dealer for anything major or a bunch of annoying little things? I want to own this for awhile and use as family vacation vehicle.

Problem areas seem to include load-leveling shocks (if get factory tow package) and suspension issues, electrical glitches, some transmission/diff issues. Doesn't get rated as very reliable compared to competition generally. Really like this vehicle and how it drives and want to own one, but don't want to regret it with problems over the years. Other than factory recalls/TSBs which all vehicles seem to have these days, have had only had 1-2 minor issues with my last 4 vehicles over 15 years that weren't routine maintenance. I tend to believe high depreciation rates and low resale values largely refelct long-term reliability and quality.

Based on the width of my garage, it comes down to this or a Highlander. While the Highlander may be at least slightly more reliable, I like the driving dynamics and feature implementation better on the Durango but that will only go so far if I should be preparing myself for lots of repairs.

What kinds of issues, if any, are other owners seeing with the 2014+ Durango that might make someone pause on one of these?


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Response from Member998

12:13 am January 11, 2017

I have been driving my 2015 Durango Citadel for about 2 years and 20K miles. Mine is a RWD without a tow package, so several of those potential issues you mentioned could not apply to me. However, I have found my vehicle to be very solid, thus far. Other than a couple of very minor issues that were covered under warranty, the Durango has been a wonderful vehicle. Of course, this is a two year old baby. I don't know how it will hold up as the mileage and years of service pile on.


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Response from pejay427

12:25 pm January 11, 2017

Although I can't specifically comment on the 2014 Durango, I can on my 2013. First off, my Durango has over 85000 miles on it and with the exception of factory recalls, (which if I rmember correctly was only 2), has been in for repair once. Around 55000 miles the oil sensor failed and needed to be replaced.

My Durango did not come with a towing package. I had a hitch, electric braking control installed. I do quite a bit of towing during the Summer months. The trailer is 18 feet long, twin axle, weighing in around one ton. I haul around a mustang that weighs around 2400 pounds.

I do keep the vehicle well maintained. Other than the issue stared above, nothing else has even given me the slightest hint of a problem.

When it comes to comfort I have to give it high marks. I have traveled coast to coast with my Durango numerous times.

I am not sure if this will help you in your decision making, but I have high praise for my Durango and would certainly consider buying another when the time arises.

As an added note.. Original tires are still on the vehicle.

Good luck.


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Response from pjw1967

4:40 pm January 11, 2017

The V6 Durango is part Mercedes from when MB owned Chrysler. The Durango and Jeep ride on an ML350 chassis. The Chrysler V6 is used by Mercedes in ML's. The early year D's had problems with the V6 heads. The 2017 D sank in quality ratings by Consumers, as did the 2017 Ford F150. So....
I have a '13 R/T. 4.5 years on the road and 45k on the clock.Blower motor started making noise around 20k. Replaced by the dealer after much bitching. Water pump replaced around 35k. First water pump in 52 years, 1 mil miles, and 20+ cars. So reliability is there for the mid years models. R/T's with the tow package could actually have the factory set up added, which I did. The D is as long as a Tahoe, 3 inches narrower, and 7 inches less tall. The length shows up in the back. The 3rd is actually useable. When it is down, the D can swallow up a lot. I have parked next to Highlanders but never compared the cargo areas. I guess you're sold on a D sub you're not scared off by issues. In that regard, I would suggest you join, surf, and make a post on this site to see what other owners have to say. Good luck. www.dodgeforum.com and look for 3rd gen D's X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X


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