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Paint bubbling on hood of Grand Caravan

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2011 - 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan

Hi All,
I am considering purchasing a used Dodge Grand Caravan SXT in the coming weeks. I have looked at a number of 2014 - 2015 models and almost all of them seem to have paint bubbling (almost looks like rust) on the front lip of the hood.
I read that the hoods are made of aluminum.
Vans of this age are out of warranty.
Is this something I should wory about, or is it purely cosmetic as Aluminum should not develop holes like steel would?

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Response from 11B-33T

4:43 pm March 21, 2021

Chrysler had an issue thru 2018 with their min-van hoods when the aluminum is beginning to galvanize under the paint. It was covered by the 3year / 36k mile warranty so you would have to have the hood fixed by a local body repair shop. If you like the van then get it as it's only a cometic issue.


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Response from Member1310

5:57 pm February 13, 2022

We had this issue on our 2014 GC and it was past warranty and had about 55000 miles on it . Local dealer photographed the area and they paid for a new hood and painting . It is a common problem with them not prepping the aluminum hood right at the factory . Have not had an issue with the hood the dealer painted probably 5 years ago now .


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