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2012 Dodge Journey Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by palaniuk



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Reviewed: 2012 Dodge Journey

4dr SUV 283-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Why the 2012 Dodge Journey?

Interior styling

We were impressed by the interior, even in base trim. Everything has a polished look (e.g. the instrument cluster with the LCD screen in the middle), the under floor storage for the second row seats, and the amount storage under the rear cargo compartment

Controls and instruments

We like the mix of the touchscreen buttons and the physical buttons for stuff you use often. We like the nice touches such as the fan speed increasing when you turn on the defrost, and when you press it again, the fan speed goes back to the original speed

Powertrain performance

The 3.6L Pentastar provides more than enough power, unless you're a power-hungry maniac!

Price or payments

We happened to come across a dealer who was selling at invoice (although I'm sure they still made plenty of money), so there was no reason waste time with a painful negotiation process.

Dealer practices

The salesman we dealt with was pleasant, unlike the slimebags/douchebags/scatterbrains we dealt with at 4 dealers prior.

Why Not the 2012 Dodge Journey?

Color choices

We were hoping to get ours in Pearl White Tri-coat, but there were production/supply issues because of the Japanese tsunami with that color, and it was jsut starting to enter production the month we bought, so we settled for plain white. Meh.

Dealer practices

The guy washing/prepping the vehicle was lazy/stupid because instead of removing the roof rail crossbars to remove the shipping plastic on the side rails, he used a razor blade to cut it, leaving the plastic under the rail, and damaged the chrome finish.

Feature availability

Apparently, the 8.4-inch screen wasn't available, so we had to settle for the standard-sized one. Apparently, the Japanese tsumami was somehow to blame.

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