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Fiat 500 Most Common Problems

wheel bearing / hub
seat release cable / seat locking mechanism / seat latch
evap hose or line
rattle or squeak, sunroof or convertible top
sunroof drains, water leak from sunroof or from convertible top
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Chart is based on 382 vehicles in TrueDelta's reliability survey.
These are the problems owners most commonly reported on TrueDelta's Car Reliability Survey. Usually when people say "they all have this problem," the problem in question actually affects between 10 percent and 20 percent of all cars. We aren't counting wear items like brake pads and rotors that truly do require periodic replacement on all cars.

What Our Members Are Saying about the Materials And Workmanship of the 2018 Fiat 500

2018 Fiat 500 Materials And Workmanship: Neutral
2015 2dr Hatch 101-horsepower 1.4L I4
5-speed manual FWD
Very cheap looking plastics. full 2015 Fiat 500 review
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