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Can a Ford CMax Energi CVT Transmission be repaired

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2013 - 2020 Ford C-MAX

I have a 2013 Ford CMax Energi. It has a CVT. It started making a noise that had a higher pitch at increased speed. Took it to the dealer yesterday and I took the service guy on a test drive to listen. Made an appointment for tomorrow. It failed this morning and I had it towed to the same Ford Dealer. The repair is $9100 as the CVT is a replace item as opposed to repair. The car is barely worth $10000 and not worth a $9100 repair. Are all Ford CVT vehicles totaled when the CVT fails?

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Response from REDACTED

6:42 pm October 25, 2016

The eCVT should be covered under the 8/100k hybrid components warranty. Are you already beyond that warranty?


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Response from Tishpit

9:35 pm October 25, 2016

That amount sounds ludicrious; I agree with Joel. Your car is only a 2013, so should be under warranty unless you have over 100,000 miles. I would contact a different Ford dealer. I have a 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid with a CVT (not sure if it's the same one on the C-Max) and it has 127,000 miles and so far, knock wood, no tranny issues.


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Response from jeromep

2:23 pm October 26, 2016

I believe that the hybrid transmission, which contains all of the electrical propulsion elements is covered under the powertrain warranty. That is 60 months/60,000 miles. I doubt tyou are past this in terms of time since the purchase, but mileage may be another thing. If your mileage is less than 60k, then you should be talking about this with the dealer.

The hybrid components warranty only covers electrical components of the hybrid system. I don't have a copy on hand to read it to see if the electric motor/generators in the hybrid "transmission" are covered, however I'm inclined to believe not. Hybrid components would include the battery, electrical connections, power conversion and charging infrastructure and control systems for the hybrid system.

You should contact Ford customer service directly with this issue to see what kind of coverage you have under the various warranties.


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Response from fairdeal87

10:12 am February 28, 2017

Unfortunately All ford CVT's as with most others are replace only items.bThey can br opened but parts are not supplied readily. I used to be a Ford Tech for 8 years, I remember when the CMAX first came out, taxi companies in NYC were buying them like crazy. Within the first year, regardless of miles the CVT's were blowing up and all being replaced under warranty. What year is your CMAX and how many miles do you have on it? You should seek Assistance by calling Ford Customer service, as stated in an older post on here. Good Luck!


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