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2004 Ford Crown Victoria Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Best car I've ever owned. by crusher351



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I have owned this car since January of 2014 and have to say besides two expensive problems, it has been a great car. Both of the repairs needed are gonna happen eventually and I bought it with 158,500 miles on it. It's comfortable and spacious and has enough power to get you going, plus, since it's a police interceptor model, it has the intimidation factor. Only small downsides are the gas mileage and size, but it does have a pretty good turning radius. All in all, the best car I've owned, and I've had six cars so far.

Reviewed: 2004 Ford Crown Victoria

4dr Sedan 239-horsepower 4.6L V8 4-speed automatic RWD

2004 Ford Crown Victoria Love Letter

Simple, sleek, and intimidating.

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Response from Member5052

5:25 pm July 7, 2015

I have a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria, with 209.000 miles. I purchased this car in 2003 with 52,000 miles. I have had a few high price maintenance items but consider this car a bargin and my mechanic said it is good for at least another 100,000 miles. In addition to regular maintenace here are some expences which has occured since owning this vechicle. Exhaust Manifold, my car was too old to be covered by the extendedd warrenty. Alternator - I am on my third alternator. Air conditioning compresser and radiator Upper and lower ball joints one power window regualtor recently replaced rear seals on the transmission. One complaint with the front seat all the way back, back seat legromm is tight. If i was in the market I would buya Lincoln Town Car.


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Response from crusher351

7:04 pm July 8, 2015

Well, for a car with that many miles on it, most of those new parts aren't that uncommon. The only thing that got me were the two alternators you've gone through; thats a bit high, but somewhat normal. The things like ball joints, radiator, and a/c compressor are eventual wear and tear items. If thats the original transmission, doing just seals isn't that bad either.The seat problem sounds very odd. The exhaust manifold isn't that big of a deal again considering the miles on it. As far as your want of a Lincoln Town Car, those are great cars, the only real concern is the air suspension. When that system fails, it can cost a great deal to get it back. Each corner air bag is about $800-$1200 by itself. You can put normal shocks and springs on it if you don'thave the money,but it may not ride as well. I remember one of those Town Cars that came in to the shop I work at on Saturdays, and it had 563,000 miles. The whole Panther platformis solid and durable.


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