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2015 Ford Edge Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Ford Hit one out of the park! by z3pilot99



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The old company car; 2012 Ford Focus SE w/160k was in need of replacement. They asked what I wanted; truck or explorer. I suggested the base Edge SE FWD 4cyl turbo because of the mileage advantage over both(I pay for my own gas). They went along with it. I had never driven the new Edge, not even sat in one. But, they look nice. I really liked the Focus and was sad to see it go. And, I was concerned that I would not like the Edge as much as the Focus. Boy, was I wrong; Nice(r) ride, very good handling for a SUV, very quick, very comfortable. Loads of room(same front and second seat room as our Explorer). The base Sync system works very well. The paddle shifters, while odd on an SUV, are a blast. The push button start and auto unlock tailgate(just have the key in your pocket) are great features for a base model. For 2016 Ford has added the feature for the drivers door. The divided storage tray under the rear floor is a great feature. I am in sales and I drive a lot. I received the Edge the Saturday after Christmas 2015. There is 17k on the Edge already. I have had absolutely no problems. Only oil changes so far. Gas mileage comes in a little under the 30mpg highway rating. I drive about 75% highway and get a very consistent 26.5mpg. That is on winter blend fuel which hurts a little. Once they change to summer blend it will be interesting to see what it does. I am extremely impressed and satisfied with the Edge. If you do not need the third row seating the Edge is worth a look.

Reviewed: 2015 Ford Edge

4dr SUV turbocharged 245hp 2.0L I4 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

2015 Ford Edge Love Letter

Styling is a subjective thing. I really like the looks of the new Edge. Very sporty.

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Response from mrbizness1

11:20 am September 1, 2016

I have a 2016 Edge basically the same vehicle with a better windshield and the improved Sync. 3k miles to date and I am impressed with the handeling, quietness and secure ride. We got the SEL with some added safety options like blind spot mirrors. Got 26 mpg on a recent trip, expect it to get better as the cars miles increases. I had test driven the V6 but liked the 2.0 turbo better. Only complaint is the headlights and the high beams could be brighter. I got use to my 09 Murano headlamps which are super bright.


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