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2007 Ford Edge Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: '07 Ford Edge - My love/hate relationship revealed by detjen232



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I absolutely LOVE everything about this vehicle, the styling, comfort, features, it's size & how it handles on the road. I have researched & driven many other similar vehicles, & none can compare! This is disappointing because I have had so many mechanical issues with mine, that I worry if the problems will continue through the life of the vehicle, or just an unfortunate stroke of luck has occurred on my vehicles part. If I could stick a Honda engine in this puppy... I would drive it until I die

Reviewed: 2007 Ford Edge

4dr SUV 265-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2007 Ford Edge?

Interior styling

I LOVE the interior styling. The leather seats with white stitching look classy & are very confortable. I am tall & can slide right into this vehicle without having to stoop down or step up. The power seats are programmable to 2 different drivers. The tilt steering wheel controls are logical & easy to use. I LOVE the panoramic roof. Everyone that rides in this vehicle really enjoys the additional sun roof for the rear seat and comments on how comfortable and roomy the back seat is, even for tall adults. My vehicle is the vehicle of choice when traveling to business lunches with colleagues. Dual climate controls are great and there are several power outlets in the front, middle & rear which come in handy. When the back hatch is open, there are buttons to put the back seats down without having to hassle with them manually. The cabin is very quiet as well.


I LOVE the get up and go this vehicle has. I am not a shy driver by any means and can punch the gas and go like I am driving a compact sports car. This vehicle is a beast and easily responds, handles well around corners, has a tight turning ratio and feels like an upper end luxury vehicle. It is relatively easy to park, although it is a bit difficult to gauge if you are between lines just perfectly. There are very few blind spots in this vehicle.

Exterior styling

This vehicle is gorgeous. I can't count how many compliments I have had on this vehicle and how many people have wanted more information as they wanted to go to a dealer to look at them more closely for themselves. Even my father wants to steal this vehicle he loves it so much, and he drives a top of the line Cadillac! It is stylish without being too over the top. The large silver grill and fog lights make the front look like a luxury high-end beast, while the clean lines, spoiler, and dual chrome exhaust make the rear sportier than you would expect with this type of vehicle. The chrome plated wheels (I thought they were alloy, but are actually chrome plated covers - don't fear! I am a total snob when it come to wheels but these do not look like hubcaps or cheap and have worn extraordinarily well. No one realizes they arent actually alloy and still remain scratch free after 7 years!)

Fuel economy

Considering this is an SUV/Crossover... the gas mileage is really good. I am a fast driver who tests the limits of my vehicle and I still average 18 mpg in the city and have had up to 25-26 mpg during long road trips (If I keep my lead foot in check).

Safety & braking

Everywhere you look in this vehicle, there is an airbag. The only thing that concerns me about my particular vehicle is the panoramic roof. Essentially the entire roof of the vehicle is glass... which I hope I never have to find out how it performs in the event of an accident.

Why Not the 2007 Ford Edge?

Reliability & durability

This is my 10th and most favorite vehicle I have ever owned... with the exception of one itty bitty thing. I have poured over $3000+ into this baby in the last 2.5 yrs! It only has 88,000 miles on it! I guess I have been spoiled by always owning Honda's where I drove 200,000+ miles before any major problems started occurring, but the Edge has been a HUGE disappointment in this area. I'm still dealing with an electrical issue (which many people online have reported same issues with taillights burning out every couple months & melted sockets) but Ford hasn't issued a recall & I believe is the root to issues with my coils going out, my computer being fried, & several other mysterious COSTLY problems that Ford acts like I'm the only person on the planet that these things have happened to. I'm very car savvy & maintain cars well, but the types of issues I've had are unacceptable.

Driving position & visibility

I do find the vehicle very comfortable, but admittedly it took a week or two to become accustomed to the position of the drivers headrest. It is only adjustable up or down, not forward and backward, and it seems to tilt forward a bit too much for my liking and comfort. My solution was to lean the seat back more. I don't notice it now, but at times when I let a new driver try the vehicle they usually comment about it as well.

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