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Wipers jam

Ask the People Who Own One: photograph by Michael Karesh

2013 - 2016 Ford Escape

The front wipersjudder and can jam in an "up" cycle if: (1) the rain is very light, or (2) the wiper is clearing snow. By judder I mean that the blade appears to be pushing rain or snowrather than flopping over and dragging the rain or snow away. The dealer has replaced the blades (Ford) under warranty with no improvement. Under condition (1) the remedy is to turn the window washer on to provide more water. Condition (2) is scarey because the wipers can interfere with each other and jam. Dealer cannot replicate the problem.

Is this problem unique? Reason?
Have others had to replace the blades with Trico or other brand?


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Response from Member1958

3:03 pm December 7, 2016

Response from akent36

3:25 pm December 7, 2016

Have not had this happen with our 2013. Maybe you should consider joining the 2013-2017 Ford Escape Owners Forum on line and post there. It is well moderated and the people are generally helpful.


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Response from kennerg

6:42 pm December 7, 2016

I have not had this happen. I do know that one is not supposed to move the wipers while the vehicle is running.
In other vehicles, I have seen issues with wipers possibly related to snow / ice in that the wipers were left in the 'on' position when turning off the vehicle. Then either a build up of snow or ice freezes the wipers to the windshield. When the vehicle is started, the wiper motor tries to move the wipers and either rips off the blades or strips the splines on the motor shaft. The enormous blades and arms on the Escape / Focus platform, I would believe the latter.
Keep bothering the dealer to check for wear on the spline shaft. This may not be covered as a warranty item as it may, in the dealer's eyes, be considered unusual damage.
You may be able to purchase the arm and replace yourself as long as you can get the old one off...


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Response from timhood

9:43 pm November 15, 2017

Your first part (#1) seems to suggest that you have a very dry window and wiper blade that is causing the blade to catch on the windshield as it wipes. This would be strange if it's raining enough to wet the window. However, if you use the wipers when there is very little water on the window, I can envision a scenario where that might happen. My suggested remedy for that would be to apply RainX to the windshield and use RainX windshield washer fluid. RainX basically provides lubrication for the windshield to help the rain run off on it's own. That lubrication would make the wipers move across the windshield more easily.

Your second part (#2) suggests that one or both wipers are catching to the point where it doesn't move as much as the other and the two wipers are colliding during what should be normal wiping motion. This suggests damage to one or both wiper motors or the shaft where the wiper arm mounts to the motor. You can remove each arm from the motor to inspect the shaft for damage. If damage is found, the affected motor(s) will need to be replaced.


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