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2013 - 2024 Ford F-150

I love my F150. 2002 model with 130,000+ miles. I would really like a new one, but am VERY concerned about the aluminum body. This is why I'm considering the Touota Tundra or Chevrolet Silverado 1500. I have a boat and am looking for realiability and comfort. Help! Thank you.

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Response from Member3940

10:19 am June 19, 2016

I would buy the aluminum Ford. I think the aluminum will hold up better than metal. My brother has a body shop and rust continues to be a problem with GM pickups. The 99-06 have a terrible problem with rusty rocker panels, cab corners and bedsides. I thought the newer style would not have that problem but I was wrong. The aaftermarket sells rust repair panels for the 2007+GM trucks and my brother has used them on severalChevrolets. The aftermarket doesn't manufacture rust repair panels unless there is a substantal market(same as the 2003+ Dodges). I wouldn't buy the Toyota because they get horrible fuel mileage. The Toyota Tundra and the Nissan Titan use more gas than the other full size pickups.


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Response from Drachenfels

10:25 am June 19, 2016

We purchased a new Aluminum F150 in October. With 15000 miles on it already, we have experienced ZERO problems with the truck. When cross shopping trucks, we were impressed at the difference between the Ford vs other products - the Ford was a much more solid, quiet vehicle. Very pleased with our purchase, and would do it again.


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Response from SNG2HIM

8:54 am June 20, 2016

I purchased my 2015 aluminum body F150 in June of last year. I have about 14,000 miles on it now and no issue at all. This is the 1st Ford I have owned 40 years and I am very impressed with the quality. I have the Platimum with the Ecoboost. Very quiet and comfortable. I looked at the GMC Denali but features, comfort and more modern equipment (such as LED lighting) won me over. Time will tell but I would go with the Ford without hesitation.


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Response from skhagen

7:42 pm August 18, 2016

My 2016 is very impressive but there can be issues with punctures in the aluminum body I have a bed mat to resolve that. I love my ford so farand also tow a boat about 1500 miles round trip 3 times a year. It hasway to much power and the smoothest ride ive ever experienced in any truck,under tow conditions empty it is a truck.

I sold my 2005 GMC sierra crew cab 4x4.that I bought new; due to durability issues that plauged it. some were small but constant maintenace repairs, 4x4 shift motor 3Xwheel bearings 2X,failing sensors for air bag, knock o2etc started about 60000 miles and contiunued to 158000. It rode nice, got 20 HWY mpg 16 mpg towing. I maintained it beyond the schedule and the only thing that was outsanding was the 5.3 L engine. I bought the ford xl sport supercrew4x4with 5.0 and 3.73 rear diff. The price point was $10 K below a comperable GMC or Chevy with the same horse power drive trainand interior conven package.
Im impressed so far with the ford it is my first new ford.

The GMC was better than the three dodges I had before it, as far as comfort and style. The dodges had better durability than the GMC with comperable Fuel economy. Hope it helps and I hope I got a good one from Dearborn not canada


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Response from timhood

9:54 pm November 15, 2017

I'm late to the party for the original question but wanted to add to the discussion for the benefit of future readers. Don't be swayed by staged marketing from Ford's competition. Unless you are in the habit of dropping sharp pointy things from 3 feet above the bed in a very specific way, you're not likely to be dealing with any issues related to puncturing of the aluminum bed. Frankly 90% or more of truck owners don't even haul the kinds of things where this could be an issue. If you're going to be hauling rocks and things, I would recommend getting a Rhino coat (or equivalent brand). This, regardless of your truck brand or bed material. Because, frankly, those rocks are going to do more damage to the steel body bed when they scratch off all the paint and leave steel exposed to rusting. Even in the event of a puncture in the aluminum, it's just cosmetic.

If you're coming from a 2002, you will be flat-out amazed at the leaps in quality, comfort, power, etc. in a new model. The 2004 model was a big leap forward from your model and the 2015+ models were a huge leap from that. I test drove the new vehicles with both the 2.7 and 3.5 EcoBoost engines and even the 2.7 felt like it accelerated faster than my 5.4 V8. The 3.5 almost felt faster than a street truck should go. :)


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