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2015 Ford Fiesta Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Great, efficient, fun car by markatwork



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In looking for a small, efficient, affordable car, I dropped by to check out the offerings from Ford. I was very suprised by this car.

Fiesta Reviews: Exterior

Tuxedo Black with optional wheels

Fiesta Reviews: Interior

Interior showing optional LED lighting package

Reviewed: 2015 Ford Fiesta

4dr Hatch 120-horsepower 1.6L I4 5-speed manual FWD

2015 Ford Fiesta Love Letter

This car is very small, according to today's standards. The 2015 model features Ford's new corporate grill and front being similar to the Fusion and Taurus. The hatchback has an upscale look to it. Two alloy wheel options look great and add to the value. The two crease lines down the car give it a zoom presence and the high tailights minimize damage possibilities in low speed bumps.

The interior of the Titanium model features leather heated front seats. While the trim and leather is nice, it is of 'affordable car' quality and actually does not leave the car smelling of rich leather. The Ford Sync is a nice touch in a car of this class featuring voice commands for the climate control and navigation system. The dash along with Sync and Sony screens were laid out well and with the tilt/telescoping wheel, always was easy to view. The black glossy dash trim was very nice and the LED ambient lighting (with several colors to choose from) added a touch of class.

The ride was firm but well controled. The road noise was minimal giving the car a definite upscale feel.

The 5 speed manual shifted well and was very familiar, not leaving me to hunt for gears, etc. The car had plenty of power and would bark the tires even shifting into second.

The doors had a solid sound upon closing.


This car, at around $21k MSRP loaded, seems to be of high value. Yes, I'd buy it!

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Response from mkaresh

1:13 pm November 20, 2014

Thanks for posting this. I see we have some sort of bug with the photo layout, we'll sort that out.

Also, it looks like some of your body might have ended up in the conclusion. If you want to finesse this, it's possible to edit reviews by returning to the start page for writing a review. You'll see this one listed, with an option to edit.


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Response from 1sgDavo

9:42 pm June 7, 2015

So far so good with my 2015 se, not as fancy as yours but nice all the same.


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Response from j76475

7:50 pm March 17, 2017

I agree; I have a 2015 SE with 16" wheels and ambient lighting. Getting 42 or more mpg around town. Only dislike is the Korean tires. Am replacing with Continental All season top tier. Handles better and is quieter.


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