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2011 Ford Fiesta Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by holzmuel



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Reviewed: 2011 Ford Fiesta

4dr Hatch 120-horsepower 1.6L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Why the 2011 Ford Fiesta?


Easily the best cornering car I have had in a long time. I found myself taking roads with more corners because I knew it would be fun to whip the fiesta around them.

Fuel economy

Cruising at 75 MPH for a road trip I got 40+ mpg. Around town I have got around 30 in mildly spirited driving.

Materials & workmanship

The car is extremely solid. The doors "thunk" like you would not expect from a small car. I got red leather seats, and it is actually pretty nice leather. For an $18000 car, I feel like I got a steal.

Ride smoothness

For as well as it handles, I would expect the Fiesta to have a stiffer/rougher ride. But it has an excellent ride.

Price or payments

It is a great value.

Why Not the 2011 Ford Fiesta?

Rear seat room & comfort

Basically, it is a two seater. Car seats and small children will fit ok in the back. Essentially it is a great commuter car.

Cargo capacity

I wish the rear seats folded flat to make the hatch a little bigger. They fold, but not that well. More like an afterthought.

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