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2016-2017 Focus ST

Ask the People Who Own One:

2015 - 2020 Ford Focus
A member in Texas, United States

How are these cars holding up over the long term? I've read through a few of the responses here as well as some forum responses and they seem to be holding up pretty well. Anything thoughts from owners on what to look out for or something worth noting?

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Response from craigc

9:19 am November 12, 2017

I have a 2013 Focus ST. My problems were related to rattles which may have been corrected in later years. It has about 28K and is now on the extended Ford warranty which was not too expensive. The turbo has been fine and I've had one electrical issue in the last year which only cost the $100 deductible. I think this car can be summarized as about the best fun per $ you can get. I have also used it for costco runs as the hatch is handy. If you like the way it drives go for it. Also the car drives much better with summer tires so if your area gets snow as does mine my solution was to buy radials and another set of rims to switch twice a year. Good luck


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Response from MisterNoisy

3:39 pm November 13, 2017

There's a semi-persistent CEL with code 'P0300' (multiple random misfire) I get every now and then on cold startup (mostly during warmer months), but it seemingly has no impact on performance and just comes and goes. It's fairly widely reported among the FoST forum I frequent and Ford seemingly 'is aware, but has no fix' aside from just clearing the code - they gave me a loaner the first time while they dug around, but since then, they just clear it/document it and send me on my way.

Aside from that, the car (mine is a '16 400A spec model) is fantastic. I've only had mine for 20 months, but it's been a pretty great daily that has been largely (save where mentioned above) a great experience so far.


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Response from Member3456

1:55 pm November 14, 2017

Mine's a 2013 ST3 with 77k. Other than routine maintenance, I've experienced one each of what I consider minor, moderate, and major mechanical/maintenance issues.
The minor issue was a worn out right rear suspension link bushing. The moderate issue was a recurring check engine code related to a vent in the fuel filler system?it took four or five visits to reset, track down, and finally repair.
The major issue is rapid wear of the front brake rotors and pads?replaced at a bit over 30k miles and due again soon. The ST's use of brake torque vectoring, rather than a proper limited slip differential, is the cause, along with enthusiastic cornering (ahem!) on my part. A design characteristic more than a reliability flaw, perhaps, but I'm glad to have spent for the extended warranty since Ford didn't spend for the LSD.


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