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2015 - 2020 Ford Focus

Had the transmission replaced in my 2015 focus after only 9000 miles , now at 15000 and car broke down and was told by the dealer that my transmission and brake systems had been contaminated and all the rubber pieces in brake system and transmission would need to be replaced. What could cause this

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Response from Sideshowtom2013

2:14 pm January 10, 2017

If we are talking about an Auto, the most likely culprit would be someone filling with, or topping off, with the incorrect Automatic Transmission fluid. It's also possible that someone put another fluid than AT completely.

I would guess the same for cause for the brake line. Someone under your hood not paying attention to which fluid was getting added to which system.

Have you had had your oil changed by one of those drive thru places, that tops off all you fluids during an oil change?


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Response from vonronge

2:26 pm January 10, 2017

If transmission fluid gets into your coolant system this can happen, especially with old vehicles and with cheap corrosive fluid formulations. The other way round (coolant in the transmission fluid) I would have thought it could just be flushed out unless it had been in there a while, but then I'm a chemical engineer, not a mechanic. Coolant in both your transmission fluid AND your brake fluid? Very unlikely in my opinion, unless whomever did the transmission replacement was an untrained monkey. I'd get a second opinion.

Edit: Sideshowtom2013 is right on the money, that could happen.


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Response from Jonbrewnh

6:01 pm January 31, 2017

Always get a second opinion. Do not provide any information to facility giving second opinion. You need to be more specific when you say "broke down" What regular maintenance have you been doing and buy whom?


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Response from mrbizness1

9:48 pm March 7, 2017

Its not unusual to have fluids contaminated these days. Especially transmission and brake fluids since they are almost always checked during routine maintenance checks. It can take weeks for damage to be noticeable after contamination.
Good luck


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