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2005 Ford Freestyle Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by leec



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Reviewed: 2005 Ford Freestyle

4dr Wagon 203-horsepower 3.0L V6 CVT AWD

Why the 2005 Ford Freestyle?

Ride smoothness

The car rides well over rural, broken pavement backroads and on the highway. The smoothness makes it comfortable over long drives.

Safety & braking

The car has 5-star ratings for all government crash tests, it has a low incidence of roll-over, has a well rated rear-end crash test and has the best whiplash protection. Brakes performed well, with short stops and no pulling.


For a large vehicle, the car handles like a much smaller, nimble vechile with little body roll on high speed sharp turns.

Fuel economy

For a car its size, 24+ mpg is pretty amazing. This can be contributed to the CVT transmission.

Discounts & incentives

Ford discounted the vehicle and I got 0% interest for 60 months.

Why Not the 2005 Ford Freestyle?

Cargo capacity

The cargo capacity is AMAZING. The downfall is the vehicle can not tow much because of the CVT transmission.


Since the name has changed to Taurus X, the depreciation is going to be high.

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