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2013 Honda Accord Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: A Very Nice Car. Glad it's My Wife's... by DrCitrus



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My own taste in cars is more performance oriented. The Honda Accord V6 is a Grandma Car. Very comfortable, very safe, good mileage, and it drives wonderfully on a long trip. The Trunk is huge, the rear seat spacious for two, but the "Entertainment Center/GPS"? Feh!

Reviewed: 2013 Honda Accord

4dr Sedan 278-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2013 Honda Accord?

Powertrain performance

This is our second Honda Accord V6. It is a smooth driving car with good handling characteristics. It has an excellent driving position and good rear and side visibility enhanced by the side-view (and rear, when necessary) cameras. The V6 provides excellent acceleration and surprisingly good economy on the highway, about 34+mpg. Around town, it\'s more average: 23.

Audio & nav systems


Why Not the 2013 Honda Accord?

Audio & nav systems

This is a major disappointment. The controls are confusing and time consuming. For example, instead of a virtual keyboard, you must scroll thru the alphabet to input an address. Of course, you can only do this when you are stopped. Programming your phone into the system results in you having to tell it that your intended phone does not exist before you can acknowledge that it does. In other areas, when you get into the menus, the choices sometimes make no sense and backing out show the screen you just came from. The sound output is very average.

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