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2013 Honda Accord Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by sagherian



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Reviewed: 2013 Honda Accord

4dr Sedan 278-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2013 Honda Accord?

Driving position & visibility

The visibility in this car is phenomenal. There are no blind spots. The backup camera is the best I have seen in any car. It has a 180 degree view which is really helpful if you are parked between two behemoth trucks and are backing up. The blind spot camera is useful. The roof pillars are very slim giving you a great view everywhere.

Powertrain performance

Great performance. More than enough power. I have the V6 and you can easily get to 60 mph around 6 seconds.

Fuel economy

Great fuel economy. I have the V6 and I usually average between 28 and 29 mpg overall. I do mostly highway driving and some suburban roads. And I'm usually doing about 70-80 mph on the highway, so you can do even better if you were to be driving 55-60 mph.

Reliability & durability

It's been fairly reliable. I have put nearly 80,000 miles and so far I have only had to deal with brakes.

Warranty, maintenance cost

This car has been very inexpensive to maintain. Sometimes I wonder how a pair of quality jeans cost more than maintaining many things on this car. I only service my car at the dealer too, and it is very inexpensive compared to other vehicles I have had. Great value, ideal for a workhorse car to put miles on.

Why Not the 2013 Honda Accord?

Ride smoothness

If you're looking for a smooth ride this is not the car for you. You will feel almost ever bump in the road. The tires are also very narrow in my opinion, so a small inperfection in the road will shift your steering wheel. Then again we do have the worst roads in the country, so if you are in the south it may be good enough for you. Also there is much more body roll on turns then the previous generation Accord.

Safety & braking

The brakes seem to be very unreliable for not only this car, but for the brand. The rotors warp very easily. I have never had any problems with any other brand of car for rotors. I drive mostly highway so sudden highway stops do happen occassionally but my commute rarely has any traffic. I try to go easy on it, it's not like I am smashing on the brakes all the time. A rotors resurfacing is needed every 25-50k miles if you care for a smooth stop. And unfortunately it is the same story for the last few Hondas we've had.

Audio & nav systems

The audio system is horrible. The speakers have no bass. Although there is workaround if you find directions online to get into the diagnostics menu. The infotainment system is not bad, but could have been much better. Every 10-12 times you start the car it will act very slow and laggy, but will revert back to normal when you restart the car. I believe they have addressed many of the issues in the newer models. I've tested the 2015 system, and it is much smoother. It's not bad, you get used to it. After using smartphones and tablets for many years it is hard to get used to the system but you eventually will. The nav is actually pretty good. Though I wish it would let you input info as you drive. It does have free traffic alerts though which is great to see what you are driving into. Voice recognition is not that good. I find it understands me better when I lower the sun visor.

Front seat support & comfort

Many reviews online state how comforable the seats are in the Accord, I cannot agree with them. I have owned a 2013 Altima as well and it is much more comfortable, but that car has a stability problem on the highway.

Powertrain performance

I cannot stand the VCM cylinder deactivation system that shuts down half the engine when it doesn't need it. It is much less noticeable in this car than the 2010 Accord I had before, but I feel like they can do away with it or I wish there was a button to deactivate it. If you are not used to it you would think there is something wrong, but it is completely normal. The engine makes a slight jerk when it kicks on and off. I just feel like something will break down soon, it doesn't feel very refined.


It's a great car to put many miles on. It could be more comfortable, but it's really good at what it needs to do, getting you from point A to B efficiently and reliably, with great resale value and inexpensive maintenance.

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Response from Henry2024

2:20 pm July 25, 2016

I definitely agree about the rough ride and the uncomfortable seats. Honda went with Mcpherson struts for this generation and the ride quality went way down. The uncomfortable seats are a problem that plauges other Honda models as well, and it has to do with the forward tilting headrests. The cause too much strain on the neck and upper back, resulting in back pain and an uncomfortable ride. The 2013 Honda Accord does get great fuel mileage though.


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