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2013 Honda Accord Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Not a car for a shorter drivers by Henry2024



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If a smooth ride, comfortable seating, and a decent sound system, this may not be the vehicle for you. If sporty handling and good fuel economy is more important, then you may love this vehicle.

Reviewed: 2013 Honda Accord

4dr Sedan 185-horsepower 2.4L I4 CVT FWD

Why the 2013 Honda Accord?

Exterior styling

The exterior styling is more modern than previous models, yet not too aggressive like the Hyundai models. Low beam projector headlights are now standard equipment on 2013s and up.


Very quiet ride and much of it is due to the active noise cancellation system that is also now standard, making the cabin as quiet if not quieter than my Lexus RX350.

Driving position & visibility

The front and rear pillars are thin, and the windows are large, providing excellent visibility.

Controls and instruments

Controls and instrumentation are easy to use and navigate. A large center screen provides easy to read information and doubles as the display for the back up camera, which is now standard on all models. Higher trim models like the EX, EX-L, have dual screens.

Why Not the 2013 Honda Accord?

Ride smoothness

Honda went with McPherson struts beginning with this model and the ride is very sporty, which is to say very harsh. The driver can feel every bump in the road, therefore, the ride is not very smooth at all.

Front seat support & comfort

Front headrests are inclined too far forward, making the seats very uncomfortable for shorter drivers. Drivers taller than 6'3" won't have a problem. But as a shorter driver, the uncomfortable seats have caused extreme upper back pain.

Audio & nav systems

Because of the active sound cancellation system, the sound system is very mediocre at best. The sound is equivalent to a base model car in the early 90s, with no bass. Very disappointing for the price point of this car. Other drivers have taken to disabling the active noise cancellation system in order to add aftermarket speakers and sound systems to the vehicle.

Powertrain performance

The CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) performs mediocre at best, and when started cold, the car jerks and judders when accelerating and stopping. There is a Technical Service Bulletin fix, which will require four hours at a dealership, needing a part and a software upgrade to the computer. This supposedly will eliminate the judders and the rubber band effect of the CVT.

Audio & nav systems

Phone connectivity through the bluetooth is now standard on all models and connects very well, whenever the driver returns to the vehicle and the phone's bluetooth feature is on. However adding voice tags to dial numbers and voice recognition is very poor. This feature simply does not work. But I've read this is a problem in may cars with bluetooth capability, so it is not limited to Honda. But Honda needs to get on this and fix it. The voice recognition on your phone is far superior.

Other Features of the 2013 Honda Accord

Fuel economy

Excellent fuel economy. I still get more than 27mpg in the city with the airconditioning on. Highway driving gets me 37+ with the airconditioning on.


I would not recommend this vehicle for shorter drivers and those who want a decent sound system and a smooth ride. However, there are lots of nice standard features and the Accord gets excellent gas mileage in the city and highway even with the airconditioning on.

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