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2016 Honda Accord Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by FreddyB

I Know What I Like


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Reviewed: 2016 Honda Accord

4dr Sedan 278-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2016 Honda Accord?

Materials & workmanship

OK. So, the sticker says the seats are "Leather". Well, if you CALL Honda they will tell you its "re-constituted leather with a polyurethane coating"? OK so, that (google it) is ground up leather held together with glue and basically vinyl on top. And honestly, it sucks. Its hard and hot. I use a huge beach towel from Costco to sit on. Compared to MBTex or even the pleather not on the seating surfaces, this fake leather just doesn't measure up. I'm sure it will hold up, forever, maybe longer than the engine, but, that's not why you have leather seats. But, you can't have cloth and a V6, so, there you go. The rest of the car has good fit and finish and the paint is fantastic.

Powertrain performance

Very powerful. Can not complain. What I don't like is no manual control over the transmission. Sport mode is pretty good, but it will downshift on you sometimes when it shouldn't/you don't want it to. But, not being a sports car and front wheel drive, its acceptable.


Could be stickier. I will replace with more performance All Season tires when the stock ones are used up.

Fuel economy

Max I get is 30 average on the highway. With lots of short trips I get a blended MPG of 20.

Audio & nav systems

Hmmm. Not bad sound. But, the whole system boots up slower than a computer from 1986. It takes forever to recognize the iPhone/Apple Play. This is in comparison to GM systems. I rented a Buick LaCrosse for a couple of months while shopping. That vehicle instantly booted and recognized the iphone and immediately transferred phone calls back to the iphone when the vehicle door was opened. In a Honda, you loose your call when you power off - the GM system is faster and smoother.

Why Not the 2016 Honda Accord?


Front heavy, but its a huge V6 so all and all pretty good.

Cargo capacity

LOTS. Back doors open nice and wide so you can slide things right in. Note this when shopping for cars if you tend to put things (art work, boxes, etc.) in your back seat as opposed to the trunk.

Safety & braking

As usualy Honda Brakes are a little mushy feeling. I have had some pedal drop a little under very light braking, but the brakes seem to operate and stop the car as designed.

Past personal experience

3rd Honda. Really good all around car that is low cost to maintain. Although these days you will spend more as cars want 100% synthetic for oil changes, but, life doesn't get any cheaper.

Front seat support & comfort

There is not quite enough adjustment in the front seat for me. I feel there is an un-natural curve in the front seat that I can't remove with the lumbar support. I sit on a folded towel to get the curve of the seat in the right place for my back. I'm 5'11" if that puts it into perspective for you. The steering wheel should telescope out more for optimal arm position and the orientation of the HUGE speedometer makes it get chopped in half by the steering wheel. No digital speedo readout on this model. Note that the touring gauges are a little different than the standard V6.


In short, I knew I would buy the Honda Accord V6. But, just to make sure, I rented and drove every other car in the price range: either new or new used, luxury, foreign or domestic, if had 4 doors and I thought I could get it for aournd $30K, I drove it multiple times. If you want advice on car buying, I'd pick the top features (power vs fuel efficiency, price, luxury, depreciation, maintenacne costs) and the best of the undoubtedly imperfect options should eventually rise to the top. But, don't rush it. Better to rent and blow some $ if needed first. And if you really can't make up your mind, make sure the dealer / dealer group you buy from has a return policy. Not all do.

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